Smoking fish while fishing: fast, easy, tasty. My report

This year I was lucky to spend part of my spring vacation on a forest river. Going fishing with tents with a group of friends is a special kind of pleasure. Our camp was not permanent; during the week-long journey we changed three parking places. Ultralight fishing in the forest river-twisting is the topic of a separate story. Caught fish naturally constituted the lion's share of our diet. By the middle of the departure, traditional fish soup, fried fish and kulesh began to annoy, and the stew, which we and my partner were given monthly as part of a ration (we serve in the Ministry of Emergencies), had not been in our mouths for a long time. As an experiment, a partner took a home-made smokehouse with him to diversify the diet. We rested on a small river. I was moving along the river bank with a spinning rod, and my partner settled in a swoop near the camp, waiting for roach on a pavement built by someone.

It was decided to smoke the morning catch.

Everything turned out to be extremely simple. We just sprinkled all the caught fish with salt and put it in a bucket. They made a fire and began to prepare for smoking.

To create smoke, alder chips were used.

The smokehouse was a stainless steel medical bix. A couple of handfuls of wood chips were poured at the bottom of it, and on top of three metal nuts a sheet of stainless steel was laid at a distance of about 2 cm from the bottom. Then, a grid was placed inside, on which the fish was laid.

They closed the lid with the lid and put it on the fire for 20 minutes.

The fire of the fire, warming the bottom of the smokehouse, heated wood chips, and it gave hot smoke for smoking fish. After being removed from the fire, the smokehouse was allowed to cool for ten minutes.

The fish turned out to be golden brown.

While they were laying the table, they laid the second portion of fish in the smokehouse. The roach turned out to be golden, and the perch is darker.

All the fish was decent to taste, but I still liked the perch. Together with the grill, the fish can be put on the table both beautifully and tasty.

Beer would be ideal for smoked pork, but there was a lot of stress in the forest with beer, so we ate it with bread and tarragon. For one tab in the smokehouse fit a kilogram of fish. There is no trouble with cooking, but the result is simply wonderful. In the absence of a refrigerator, this is another good way to preserve the catch. Life on fishing is also very important, therefore, in a long trip, a smokehouse is simply necessary.