A new mosquito net handle in just 5 minutes from a plastic bottle

Industrial pens are made of plastic, it is a fragile material and quite often breaks. Without them, removing the grid is a problem, and throwing it away and buying a new one is expensive. The way out is to make a pen yourself. This will require a minimum of time, no financial costs.

What should be prepared

Of the tools you need to have a small flat screwdriver and a clerical knife or scissors. The handle is made of a plastic bottle, it is better to take with a maximum wall thickness, from under Coca-Cola, for example.

Pen making

Remove the mesh from the window and lay it on a flat surface. It is desirable that it has an emphasis around the entire perimeter, the mesh frame cannot withstand large bending loads.

Using a flat screwdriver, gently pry the sealing cord out of the groove and remove the old handle.

Work slowly, do not damage the protective cover of the mesh frame and do not tear the rubber seal.

Important. Take out the cord more, about 5 cm. The fact is that you need to put the handle in another place, in the old one the seal has lost its plasticity and will not be able to hold the element with sufficient reliability.

Decide on the new location of the handle, it is recommended to shift it a few centimeters up or down.

Cut a strip of about 1 cm wide and about 5 cm long from the bottle. The dimensions are approximate, adjust them so that it is convenient to use the handle.

Bend the strip in half, put the loop on the phalanx of the finger and push both ends under the cord.

Pay attention that the net itself does not go away from the frame, but 2-3 mm protrudes beyond the seal. Otherwise, when the cord is clamped, it will move away and a gap will appear.

Check the diameter of the loop with your finger, the phalanx should enter it freely. The handle is almost ready, it remains only to fix it in a special groove of the frame. The sealant is first pressed by hand, it enters freely. A screwdriver should be used at the place of installation of the handle - the indentation forces increase, it is necessary to bend the strip. Work carefully, do not damage the cord.

Check the position of the new handle, everything is normal - cut off the excess with scissors or a knife.

As you can see, it took a couple of minutes to complete, and the functionality of the mosquito net was fully restored. Another din plus - if there are children in the apartment, then the pens can be installed in places inaccessible to them. In addition, it is much more convenient to use it than the factory one. If you want to make it invisible - use a transparent bottle, it is difficult to find a pen in the evening, take colored ones.