Polymer clay electric guitar

Materials and tools: a cut out outline of an electric guitar made of paper, polymer clay (blue, black and silver), a special knife for plastic or clerical, toothpicks, pins with balls on the end (12 pieces), varnish for plastic.

1. Cut the outline of the electric guitar. In this master class, the ROCKDALE RS-95 STBL model is taken in blue. Roll out a layer of blue clay 3-4 mm thick and attach a contour to it. Cut the silhouette of a guitar with a knife. Remove the outline.

2. Take a wire and tap on it with a hammer to make it flat. This will make the wire more durable. Attach a piece of wire to the guitar along the neck and hold it down. Re-attach the contour to the clay and cut off the protruding edges. Bake the guitar in the air grill.

3. Wait for the workpiece to cool. Cut out the body of the guitar and stick it on top. In order not to wrinkle your fingers, you can bake the future product again. Then cut the neck of the guitar out of black plastic and stick it.

4. After the neck, proceed to the head. Stick a thin layer of blue plastic first. Take the pins with the ball at the end and bend them at the end so that after baking the pins do not fly out of the guitar. It will be chopping. Stick the sticks to the head of the neck. Cut out the head silhouette from the blue clay layer again and stick it to the electric guitar so that the pegs do not budge. Gently squeeze and align uneven edges. For the convenience of further work, the guitar can again be baked.

4. Cut the pickups and bridge from a thin layer of black plastic. Stick all the parts to the body of the guitar. Bake again!

5. Use a knife to mark the frets on the fretboard. From the balls from the pins (can be replaced with a microbead) make holders for strings. Glue them on the glue-moment. As a tone and volume control, you can use large black beads.

6. Varnish your electric guitar. Done! You can make a key chain, brooch or fridge magnet out of it.