How to quickly make a tool for sharpening drills

Not only speed and quality of drilling, but also safety precautions depends on the sharpening of the drill. Only professional toolmakers can manually sharpen a drill by eye, everyone else will either make the wrong angle of the cutting edges, or make the semicircular platforms, or make them uneven and shift the center of the drill. All these errors lead to the fact that it is impossible to work with such a tool.

There are many tips for making special devices at home, in principle, they do a good job of their tasks. But they have one common drawback - for manufacturing you need to be a good mechanic and welder, and not everyone possesses such knowledge. In addition, the process itself requires a lot of time. We offer a very simple and universal solution, it will take no more than 10-20 minutes, and the quality of sharpening will fully meet the standards.

What will be needed for adjustments

You should prepare a wooden block of about 100 × 50 × 30 mm, an ordinary drill, a school square, a pencil, a euro screw or any other long element with wood carvings.

Manufacturing process

Find the center at the end of the rectangular block, drill a through hole in it. You can use an ordinary drill. If you have doubts about your skills, then find the center on the opposite end, with its help you can control the verticality of the hole. This is a very important condition. If it is not performed, then the cutting edges of the drill after sharpening will not be the same.

At an angle of 120 degrees, cut two corners of the bar. First you need to draw two lines at an angle of 30 degrees, they must intersect exactly in the center, this is also an important condition. Consequence of non-fulfillment - the center of the drill will shift to the side, while drilling the tool will beat. The slice should be strictly perpendicular to the planes. To control, also draw lines on the back of the bar, then you can adjust the cut on the grinder along them. At the top there should be an angle of 120 degrees, this is the universal size for metal drills.

When turning, the drill is inserted into the hole, to fix it in a predetermined position, you can use the Euroscrew. On the side face, a hole of the appropriate diameter must be drilled before connecting to the central hole. At this work on the manufacture of devices completed.

How to use

Before sharpening the drill, insert it into the hole. Align the cutting planes exactly along the edges of the bar with a protrusion of about a millimeter. It all depends on the degree of damage to the cutting edges. Hold the tool firmly with the Euroscrew.

Lay an endless belt sander on your side and carefully sharpen the edges. It is advisable to start from the center and gradually press the adapt to the entire surface to the sandpaper, when you touch the tree, sharpening stops. Then all actions are repeated on the other side.


Practice has shown that such a device works fine, but subject to two conditions:

  • It is necessary to sharpen on serviceable tools, it does not matter, is it a grinder, grinder or sharpener. The abrasive element cannot have a beating, otherwise no tool will help.

  • If due to insufficient experience during sharpening quite a lot of bar is removed, then periodically it is necessary to check its angle.

Another advantage - if the device is made for a diameter of 10 mm, then with its help you can restore the edges of drills with a diameter of 8-10 mm. Make several of them with different diameters for all the drills used.