Designer box from an old book

How often in the house, during the general cleaning, you can find unnecessary things, or trash, as we call it. However, do not rush and get rid of, at first glance, not necessary objects. Across the world recognized the art of "thrash art." And at first glance, trash can turn not only into a beautiful thing, but also practical, which will serve you and please the eye. Believe me, all ingenious is simple. For example, when I tidied up on the mezzanine, where the housewives do not look so often, I found an old, unnecessary book. I turned it in my hands and decided to try to make an art, designer casket out of it. I will share the acquired experience.

For work, I needed the following materials:

- Old book;

- corrugated cardboard;

- toilet paper;

- cardboard;

- belt with a buckle;

- lace;

- satin ribbon;

- PVA glue;

- silicone glue;

- gouache;

- pearlescent paints;

- magnet;

And you will also need brushes, scissors, an office knife, a ruler, a kitchen sponge, an awl. The first step is to disassemble the old book, that is, to separate the cover from the pages. It is advisable to do this as carefully as possible so as not to damage the binding.

Now we take up the corrugated cardboard, with the help of an office knife, we cut the cardboard into strips with a width of 1.5 -2 cm.

On one side of our cover, which will serve as the bottom of the future box, glue two strips of cardboard on opposite sides. Let’s get to grips. On top, also on the opposite sides, paste the following two strips. The bindings are tall for affairs.

Cover the front of the cover with gouache and let it dry. After drying, grease abundantly with PVA glue.

We take toilet paper.

Well miss, crumple into a ball

Then we unfold the ball and get crumpled paper, glue it to the front of our future box, leaving wrinkles and folds.

Using a kitchen sponge, saturate our wrinkles with PVA glue from above and set aside to dry.

After drying in black gouache, carefully, without gaps, cover the cover. Every wrinkle and crease should be dyed.

Again, we send our product to dry, and in the meantime we will take up the decorative elements of our casket. We cut the holders out of ordinary cardboard and paint them with brown and orange gouache, creating a rust effect.

We cut the belt according to the volume of the book and approximately in the middle (optional) we pierce a hole and insert a buckle.

While we were engaged in finishing elements, the cover has dried up and is ready for further work. Mother of pearl paints, without pressure, the surface is covered. That is, only the tops of wrinkles and folds are painted.

Sushim. Now we take up the interior decoration. First, paint the foundation. I used blue gouache.

After drying, put lace on the base and generously coat with PVA glue. This is necessary not only in order to glue the lace to the base, but also to strengthen all the construction of the box.

We glue the outer sides of the sides with a satin ribbon. We get such an appearance.

The last step will be decorating the cover with prepared elements and gluing the magnet. And voila la!

Imagine, create and surprise yourself and others. Good luck