Fluffy valentine

On the eve of Valentine's Day, many girls and boys think about a gift for their soul mate. After all, everyone wants to present a gift not only because of respect for their soul mate, but also wants to surprise and please her with a wonderful gift. I propose to make an unusual valentine with my own hands. As they say a little time and imagination, and a wonderful gift will be ready after a while.

To make such a valentine you will need:

  • White yarn "grass"

  • Knitting needles number 4.

  • Red satin ribbon.

  • Gold ribbon.

  • Glue gun.

  • Synthetic winterizer.

  • Sewing thread (white, red).

  • Sewing needle.

  • Big pin.

  • Scissors.

  • Cardboard.

  • Hair clips.

From white yarn called "grass" you need to knit two halves in the shape of a heart. First we knit one. So, we collect 3 loops on the knitting needles. All rows will be knitted with purl stitches. We simply knit the first row with the purl stitches, and from the second row at the beginning of the row we knit and knit.

Thus, we knit to form 46 stitches on the spoke.

We divide the loops in half, that is, 23 pieces each. We put one part on a knitting needle, and the other on a large pin. We knit those loops that are on the spoke. We begin to knit like this: at the beginning of the row and at the end we knit two loops together. Thus, we knit to form 11 loops on the spoke. Then close the loops and cut the thread.

Remove the pin and put the eyelets on the knitting needle. Add the thread and knit as well as the first part up to 11 loops. Close the loops and cut the thread.

The first heart is ready. We knit the second in the same way.

Sewing thread through a needle. We connect two halves of hearts together and sew in a circle. At the end, leave a hole for filling. We stuff the heart tightly with a padding polyester and sew it with a thread.

In order for the heart to become even more magnificent, it needs to be combed with an ordinary comb. Especially on the sides, since some stitches were sewn when stitching. The comb allows you to pull them out.

From a satin ribbon you need to make a bow. To do this, you need a special blank of cardboard. The width of this blank is 6 cm and in the middle we cut a strip 1 cm wide. We wind a red satin ribbon in two turns. We fix the edges with hairpins so that the ribbon does not move out. Thread the red thread into the needle and sew the ribbon exactly in the middle.

We remove the tape from the workpiece and tighten it, fix it with a thread. At the place of contraction, we tie a gold ribbon. Using scissors, twist the ends of the ribbon and divide each into two parts.

We heat the glue gun and glue the bow on the heart. We distribute the curls over the heart and glue them to it.

Fluffy valentine is ready! The gift is bright, beautiful and soft. Such a valentine’s card is made from a small amount of materials, and their purchase will not cost too much. An original and tender valentine, made by yourself, will not leave your soulmate indifferent.