How to beat Coconut

Of course, everyone saw a mysterious southern nut called coconut on store shelves. In various travel shows, you can see how the main character drinks coconut milk, or uses a beautiful nut shell as a glass for a cocktail. You probably wondered what this mysterious nut tastes like. Dry coconut flakes do not count. Today we will find out!

The first question that comes to mind after buying this nut is “How to smash a coconut?” For a start, I’ll say we won’t stupidly beat it with a hammer and wait until it breaks.

Getting started chopping coconut

The first step in an unequal fight with coconut is the selection of suitable tools:

  • 1. The hammer.

  • 2. The old knife.

  • 3. Screwdriver.

The second step is to extract milk from coconut.

As you noticed, there are three black dots on the coconut on top. It is in these places that we will make holes with a screwdriver.

Choose two points that are easier to beat. Two holes need to be made: one for drinking the second so that the coconut fills the air.

We insert a tube for a cocktail into one of the holes made and enjoy the taste of milk (it resembles sweet water with a slight smack of coconut).

In the third step, we get to the flesh of coconut.

To do this, we need to remove the shell, after breaking it. We outline the line of the supposed split and make several blows with a hammer on the knife, turning the nut in a circle.

A crack appears.

Lightly tapping the hammer in a circle, break off part of the shell.

A few more light strokes and coconut extracted.

Have a nice tasting!