7 effective ant control techniques

Summer is a great time for out-of-town picnics, but they do not always go as pleasantly as planned. One of the reasons - the ants occupied the table, it is impossible to drive them away from it. If you have such problems, we recommend that you use effective recommendations.

What to do if ants appeared in the house, and tried and tested remedies no longer work? How to protect yourself from them quickly and efficiently?

What to prepare

Going to a picnic - take metal plates with you, the diameter should be greater than the width of the legs of the table. If there are none, then you can use plastic ones, but you will have to improve them. How exactly - we will tell a little below. For home traps you need to have some borax, vinegar and sugar. Small plastic packaging and a sprayer will come in handy.

Practical tips

At the picnic, the ants get on the table legs, they need to cut this path. Use deep disposable plates or other plastic containers suitable for diameter legs. Place them under the table and pour water. Such basic protection works very efficiently.

Fighting ants in the house

It is somewhat more difficult to defeat ants if they appeared in a country cottage or in a cottage. We recommend making your own traps. Add three spoons of borax and one spoon of sugar to the glass.

Stir the mixture and pour it into small containers, cups of sour cream or yogurt are suitable.

Add water, it is better to do it with a straw, it allows you to precisely control the amount and add more as needed. The consistency should resemble a thick sugar syrup.

Keep the borax out of the reach of children. Make holes in the container, place them on the lid and around the perimeter.

Place containers near trash bins and on ant walkways. After visiting the trap, ants should be able to return to the anthill and attract their brethren. Traps should stand for a long time until all ants die.

If you find a colony, then the task is simplified. Did not find? Spray the ant with vinegar and carefully watch where it runs. The ant will always return to the colony.

If you do not want to saturate the earth with aggressive chemicals, you can simply flood them with water.

Bring the hose to the anthill and let the water run for a few hours.

You will have to repeat for several days until the ants transfer the colony to another place and lose the marked path to your home.

Another way. Heat a pot of water on the stove and add red pepper to it, boil for several minutes.

Pour ant paths and their colony with hot liquid. Boiling water will kill part of the ants on the surface of the earth, and pepper will force the remaining to leave the colony.

For a full guarantee, you need to remove the pheromones with which they mark their roads in the house. To do this, pour vinegar into the sprayer, mix with water in a 1: 1 ratio, add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid.

Carefully handle all suspicious places in and around the house.


At a picnic, problems can arise if the disposable plates are very thin and do not support the weight of the table. But in this situation there is a way out. Lay them on a solid base, it should not bend. You can use pieces of boards, branches or any improvised items that can support the weight of the table and not fall into the ground.

But the best way not to attract ants is to remove the leftover food in time. They are very sociable and quickly inform their relatives that they have found food, show them the way to it. Ants are attracted to the remains of sweet cola on a metal can. Before throwing them in the bin, wash thoroughly, remove the remaining sweet drink.