Turkish braided bracelet

Trends change very quickly. Favorite costume goes out of fashion faster than you have time to pick up expensive jewelry for it. It’s good that jewelry can be worn with any wardrobe. By the way, this is a great field for creativity. The bracelet based on the harness is easy to perform. You will understand this from the first steps. It is necessary to determine the color and size. Decoration can be made in one thread. Get a thin, elegant bracelet. You can weave a thread more authentic. For example, to wrap your wrist with three threads. An original wide bracelet will be released.

To create a bracelet - a tourniquet you will need:

- silver beads;

- bugles silver blue;

- fastener;

- kapron threads or "iris" of white color;

- a thin needle for beads;

- a hook matched to the thickness of the thread;

- ruler;

- scissors;

- pliers (to remove beads or glass beads in case of an incorrect set on a thread).

In order to weave a tourniquet, it is necessary to calculate the number of beads per one bugle. This can be done using the ruler.

Using a needle on the thread, alternately collect three beads and one bugle. At the same time, do not tear the thread from the skein - this is important. The length of the product should be calculated from the ratio of 1 cm of woven tow - 5 cm of collected beads and glass beads. That is, for a 15 cm product, you need to dial 75 cm thread. For a product of 50 cm, it is necessary to collect 250 cm of a string of glass beads and beads.

Loop at the free end of the thread.

Move three beads and a bugle to the loop obtained. Grab the thread behind the glass beads and stretch into a loop, form a kind of loop of glass beads and beads.

Also perform the second chain.

Loops tighten well. Perform two lifting loops.

Thread the hook into the first loop. Tighten the beads and bugles, grab the thread behind the bugles. Form a new loop. Repeat the reception with the second loop.

Similarly, all other loops are executed. It is necessary, as it were, to rotate the product around its axis and periodically tighten the loops tighter. The tourniquet is knitted to the required length (including the fastener).

At the end of the work, knit all the loops in turn together (stretch the thread through the first loop, and then through the second) and fix the thread by threading it to the last.

Attach a fastener to the ends of the thread and carefully hide the remaining threads in the product.

Evaluate the result of the work. You might want to weave a contrasting version, having improved the first one. Or supplement the product with necklaces and earrings.

You can make a tourniquet longer than 50 cm. Then it can be used both as an original decoration on the neck, and as a magnificent belt for a small dress or suit.

Ultimately, no matter which option you choose, a product made by you personally will be unique and sophisticated. It will complement your wardrobe in a peculiar way and fill it with aesthetics and originality. Wear accessories with pleasure. Admire yourself and others. Remember that there should be a lot of jewelry - as everyday joy.