Coffee Topiary “Heart”

A coffee tree or coffee topiary is an excellent interior decoration and a gift to all coffee connoisseurs. This tree will not only delight your eye, but also fill your home with an invigorating aroma.

To make coffee topiary you will need:

- whole bean coffee;

- cardboard, in my craft - corrugated;

- cotton pads for makeup removal;

- paper napkins;

- threads;

- acrylic paint brown or black, brush;

- stick for sushi;

- twine;

- a cup with a saucer;

- gypsum or putty;

- cinnamon stick, star anise anise, satin ribbons, beads for decoration;

- thermal gun and glue.

The initial stage of work is preparation of the heart, of course, in a specialized store you can buy a foam blank or find a plastic heart somewhere, but I suggest you do it yourself from ordinary cardboard. So, we draw a heart, cut out two blanks. Having well missed one of the blanks with glue, we fix the stick and collect the heart.

To form the volume, we glue the heart with cotton disks, wrapping them on the end of the workpiece. For ease of painting, I pasted white paper napkins.

In order to keep the whole structure well and not crumble, we bind the heart with threads.

The next stage is painting the heart with black or brown acrylic paint.

Thus, we create a uniform background that will not be evident even if some piece of the surface of the heart is not covered with coffee beans. Painting is especially relevant if you decide to make a heart with one layer of coffee.

After the paint dries, you can proceed to the most important stage - gluing coffee beans. I start from the end, gluing the grains a slit down, filling the entire workpiece.

Glue the second layer of coffee upward, trying to arrange the grains in the row spacing of the first layer. If you accidentally pour a lot of glue and it is visible, you can paint the glue with brown acrylic paint.

We decorate the topiary trunk, smearing it with glue and tying it with twine.

Now the topiary needs to be fixed in a cup. To do this, we spread gypsum (putty) quite thickly, insert the barrel, trying to keep it level, and wait a while for the barrel to stand on its own.

After the gypsum has dried, we decorate it with coffee beans, fixed with glue. You can also walk on gypsum with brown paint, fill it with a layer of loose tea or ground coffee.

Glue the cinnamon stick, star anise anise and ribbon on the heart. At the base of the heart we tie a bow of brown satin ribbon, up to 1 cm wide. We decorate the knot with a bead.

We decorate the base with a twisted red satin ribbon, 25 mm wide, with a rose. With a glue, we plant several coffee beans on a saucer. Also, in conclusion, you can cover the coffee beans with acrylic varnish, which does not interrupt the smell of coffee.

Here is your topiary and completed! A little imagination, patience - and a great extraordinary gift is ready for a loved one!