Fabric tulips

Ask any person what they associate with the word "spring." And most will answer that with tulips. And no wonder. These fragile flowers are truly heralds of the spring awakening of nature. Previously, several varieties of tulips were grown: red, yellow and sometimes white. But now there are so many species of these plants that it is difficult to count everything. And flower beds in city parks are simply full of colors and textured petals. Today you will learn how to make bright tulips from fabric. They turn out voluminous and very pretty.

Prepare the following components for operation:

- material that can be cut off and no threads (felt, fleece) can be seen at the edges, in the photo these are napkins for cleaning the house;

- scissors;

- synthetic winterizer or cotton wool;

- a sheet of paper or cardboard;

- wooden thin and long skewers (according to the number of colors);

- threads for sewing in the color of the material and the needle.

First you need to prepare patterns for future flowers. Take a sheet of cardboard or plain paper and draw such details: a strip of 2.5 cm by 21 cm is for a tulip stalk, an oval-shaped leaf with a pointed end (width 6 cm, length 17 cm, bottom edge 3 cm), petal for a bud ( 6.5 cm wide, 8.5 cm high and 3.5 cm lower edge).

Take material (for example, yellow) and a pattern of a flower bud.

Cut two identical pieces.

Fold them together and start stitching in a circle. Only the bottom strip remains free.

Here is the final workpiece stitched around the edge.

Turn it to the front so that the seam is hidden in the middle.

Fill the workpiece to the maximum with synthetic winterizer or cotton wool through the hole left. It is not necessary to stitch it at this stage, you will do it when the stem is ready.

This is what the finished tulip bud looks like.

Now you need to cut the stem. Take a green cloth and cut a strip according to the pattern.

It must also be sewn so that one short edge remains free.

This is what the stitched stalk blank looks like.

It must be turned on the front side. Attach a thin wooden stick to the narrow stitched edge and gently pull the fabric over it so that it turns out. Like this.

Break off the edge of the protruding skewer and sew the finished yellow bud to the stalk. Try to keep the edges of the yellow fabric hidden inside the flower.

It remains only to make a piece of paper. Again, you need to cut the green blank using a stencil.

Attach it to the stem, slightly covering the flower.

And sew to the bottom edge, tucked the even side of the leaf around the stick. This is what the finished tulip looks like.

Sew another two yellow flowers in the same way. You should get three tulips. Although, you can do more.

Here is such a bouquet with voluminous buds.

To add a little brightness and tenderness to it, make two more pink tulips.

5 beautiful flowers come out.

The bouquet looks chic, original and bright.

It will be a great gift for any girl or woman.

Sew more of these buds, preferably multi-colored, then the composition can fill a small basket and the souvenir will be even more interesting.