How to quickly make a watering tank for 1000 liters practically for free

For watering garden and garden plants, it is necessary to use warm water. To increase its temperature, various tanks are used in which water is heated in the sun. Such tanks are not cheap and large, which does not allow them to be delivered to the site without the use of trucks. An excellent alternative to purchased tanks is a home-made container for storing water from a stretch film collected in just one hour.


  • 5 pallets;

  • stretch film;

  • screws or nails.

The frame of the water storage tank will be made of pallets. If they are not, then it can be assembled from boards or timber.

So that the tank from the stretch film is guaranteed to survive until the end of the season, it is advisable to use a stretch more than 20 microns thick. Unfortunately, cling films are much thinner, so when choosing you will have to give preference in favor of reliability or safety.

Tank making

One pallet is laid face down on the ground. To its wide sides are attached 2 pallets deployed along, and to the narrow sides mounted across. To exclude the appearance of cracks in the corners, pallets placed in breadth are placed on top of the bottom, and narrow pockets rest on the ground.

All sides are attached facing outward. Their connection can be done with screws or nails.

The finished frame is turned upside down. The end of the stretch film is tied to any board and several revolutions are made around the tank.

It is imperative that the sticky side of the film is directed towards the frame. When making revolutions, it is very important to stretch the film strongly. It is very viscous and can increase in length under tension up to 200%. The stronger the pull, the more reliable the fit of the layers will be.

Having prepared a belt from a stretch film, you need to wrap the bottom. For this, the film is tucked and adjusted in layers. Ideally, make at least 5-6 layers. The folds laid on the bottom should protrude on the side of the frame, so that they can be squeezed later.

After the bottom is ready, wrap the remaining side of the tank. One stretch roll, even 150 m long, will be more than enough, so it will remain the next year.

The finished tank must be placed on an even base and filled with water.

The liquid will press down the layers, creating absolute tightness. Of course, this design is not eternal, in addition, the wooden frame will always be in the water, but it is cheap and quite working.