Registration in social networks by virtual phone number on the example of "Vkontakte"

Everyone may encounter a situation where a new phone number may be required to register on a page on a social network or other service, but it is undesirable to indicate your real number. Such situations are not as rare as it might seem. How to solve this problem without leaving your home will be described in this article.

For example, we will consider the option of registering by virtual number of the SIM card in the Vkontakte social service, which requires verification at the first stage of registration. An example of renting a virtual number on the service (this is not advertising, you can choose which one you want), in which renting one number for 20 minutes will cost 30 rubles, but you can also find completely free ones.

Important! Register on it and make a minimum deposit is better in advance.

So, the task is to register an account with a temporary number.


1. In the address bar of any browser, enter: and gets to the main page. In the lower right corner of which is the registration form.

In it we enter the name and surname, day, year, month of birth and gender. And click on the " Continue Registration " sign .

The system throws the user into a window in which verification of the phone number is required.

2. At this stage, you need a new phone number to receive SMS and calls.

We go to the virtual number service and go to the SMS tab, where we select the country and resource on which registration is due.

Important! If there are problems with receiving SMS, it is recommended to change the IP address by connecting to another network access point. This is rare, but it happens.

After payment, copy the number, and without closing the page, return to VK registration. Insert the received number and click “ GET CODE ”. We wait 2 minutes and presses the button “ Send CODE to SMS ”.

On the page with virtual numbers, we refresh the page and look at the five-digit code received in SMS.

You will be prompted to come up with a new password for the account.

Registration by virtual number has been completed successfully. Pleasant and useful use of the service.