Aircraft Yak-12

Modern life is developing in such a way that already becoming parents, we do not always have enough time for our children. Puzzled by the issue of earnings and material security, dads, who are so needed by their children, quite often do not have the strength for games and entertainment. Therefore, for all busy dads who are happy owners of wonderful sons, this master class will be very useful, which will help in just 1 hour to build a plane with the child. Although this will not be an exact copy of a Boeing or a fighter, having in its arsenal the most important details, but a pleasant joint pastime will help to create a toy from the materials at hand that the baby will be very happy about. Just imagine with what pride among the guys your precious son will declare that this toy was made to him by his father, himself, with his own hands, and he helped. Such moments are most valuable in life and will help to forget about the accumulated fatigue at the end of a hard day's work.

So, let's start manufacturing the simplest aircraft model Yak-12. In order to perform such a model, you will need the following tools and materials:

• plywood or thick cardboard;

• manual jigsaw on wood;

• a sheet of paper for the template;

• pencil or marker;

• sandpaper (if working with plywood).

The first step towards creating a model is its template (drawing). In my case, there was a clipping from an old magazine, which can be easily copied onto a clean white sheet. To facilitate the task, you can use our template by printing it on a printer.

Next, all paper parts must be cut with scissors. It should be noted that the size of parts can be adjusted independently by increasing or decreasing them on a computer.

After the paper parts are cut out, they must be attached to the plywood, circled, and then the templates removed to the side.

When the contours of the future aircraft are applied to plywood, they must be carefully cut. To do this, you need to take a jigsaw on a tree and carefully cut out all the parts, especially carefully treat small parts that hold together the main parts.

The last step is to collect all the details. To do this, you do not need to use any glue or other fastening components, all parts are inserted one into one.

So, having spent only an hour of time, you can easily make a plane that, even if it doesn’t fly, will be one of your child’s most beloved toys. Do not forget that you can also attach the baby to work, entrusting him with the most pleasant part of the work - decoration. You can decorate the aircraft by painting it with paints, adding stickers in the form of stars, animals or other elements, or you can leave it in the original version.