Master class: wood burning

Very often, we are forced to buy ordinary wooden furniture. This is an integral part of the life of any person. But often such furniture looks boring and mundane. This problem is quite easy to solve with the help of creativity, namely burning out, especially if the furniture does not have a varnish or other decorative coating. In this master class, the decor of a regular stool from IKEA will be considered.

To decorate, you will need a stool itself, a drawing for decor, a carbon paper, a pencil and a burner. Selecting an object for decoration (in our case it is a stool), you need to choose a picture. It can be a pattern, ornament, plants, animals, in general, anything. For the stool, a rose flower was chosen. Having prepared the drawing - by printing it or drawing a sketch on paper, you need to transfer the drawing to a tree. One of the legs was chosen for painting. If you draw well, you can immediately draw a sketch on the tree, if not, you can use a carbon copy. When working with it, it is necessary to fix the picture tightly and carefully so that there are no distortions or inaccuracies. After the picture is translated using carbon paper, you need to correct it so that there are no gaps in the contour. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to burn. For correction, you can use a simple pencil. If you can easily erase it with an eraser. In order to work it was convenient to better keep the stool in a horizontal position. When the sketch of the picture is completely drawn on the tree, you can proceed to the burning itself.

Burning is a very difficult and painstaking task. This is due to the fact that the scorched elements are very difficult to correct. If little is burned, of course, more can be burned, but it is impossible to erase excess lines with an eraser or solvent. It is in this regard that it is necessary to place the decor object conveniently and firmly. When burning, do not rush, if necessary, you can do it as long and accurately as necessary. Of course, for beginners it will be much harder than those who already have experience.

After the drawing is burned, the work can be considered finished. Or you can varnish the finished work. Varnish will protect both the picture and the furniture itself from damage, fading and loss of appearance.

As a result, you can decorate all the legs on the stool, it will look very unusual and beautiful. Such a furniture design can be considered original and, most importantly, affordable. Now there is no need to buy furniture with beautiful patterns and ornaments for crazy money. Now you can decorate your house yourself, saving considerable money and becoming truly original and individual.