Horse head magnet

Materials: polymer clay (brown, sand, black and white), dry pastel (white, yellow, orange), toothpicks, a plastic knife, a pre-prepared horse head template.

1. Roll a piece of brown length into a layer 2-3 mm thick. Attach the template to the formation and cut it around the edges. With a toothpick, outline the contours of the mane, mouth, nostrils and eyes directly on the template so that the prints remain on the clay. Carefully remove the template.

2. Stick a thin strip of sand clay to the ganache (to the cheek) and the horse's mouth. Stick a small white circle in place of your eyes.

3. Make eyelids out of brown plastic. Make black mane and bangs out of black clay. Roll out many thin strips and gradually stick around the horse. Mane begin to sculpt from below.

4. From a small piece of brown plastic, blind the strip, bend it and stick the nostrils in place. Smooth the junction with a toothpick or finger. Adjust your mouth with a knife.

5. Take pastel pencils and scrape them with a knife to make a powder. Make a tint with a brush. Send the horse to an air grill or oven. The conditions under which the billet must be baked are indicated on the plastic packaging.

6. Remove the horse from the air grill and let it cool. Black paint the pupils. Coat the horse with varnish. Done! From such a product you can make a magnet or a brooch.