Basket of flowers

I want to bring to your attention a basket with crepe paper flowers. From this paper, the flowers are unusually beautiful and look almost like real ones. This craft is great for creativity with children, as there is work for everyone. Indeed, children who go to school or go to kindergarten are often asked to bring hand-made crafts. This version of the craft is perfectly suited for such occasions. The manufacturing process itself requires a certain amount of time. And this is justified by the fact that to create a worthy masterpiece you need to make every effort and time.

-So, for the manufacture of crafts require the following materials:

-Basket from the vine.

- Lilac crepe paper.

-Green corrugated paper.

-White satin ribbon.

-Gold ribbon.


-Glue gun.



-Lilac mesh.

-Red bow.


-Wood stick.


We start by decorating and preparing the wicker basket. Any basket is suitable, both made from vines and straw. Such a basket can be purchased at almost every flower shop. The essence of this article is to learn how to beautifully draw baskets and make beautiful artificial flowers from crepe paper. We begin decoration with the handle of the basket. We take a white satin ribbon, one end is fixed at the very beginning of the handle. The width of the tape is 1 cm. Wrap the handle with tape so that part of the handle is visible between the tape. We cut off the excess tape with scissors and fix its other end with a glue gun.

From a lilac net we cut a strip 10-12 cm wide, this taking into account the fact that it will tuck a little. The length of the strip is determined based on the circumference of the basket itself. We fix the mesh on the top of the basket with glue, and then glue its lower part. Leave the basket for 2-3 minutes to dry the glue. We tie a finished red bow on one side of the basket.

Inside the basket we fill with polystyrene foam, which is wrapped in green corrugated paper. The foam is cut to the size of the inner circle of the basket.

Flowers are best made from crepe paper rather than corrugated paper. Since crepe paper is denser. Corrugated paper is well suited for leaflets. Let's start with making the petals. To do this, you need lilac crepe paper. First, cut the paper into strips 4 cm wide. Each strip is cut into pieces 6-7 cm long. For each flower, 5 petals are required. The petal is done like this: we stretch each piece and fold it in half. Cut the paper in the form of a half heart with scissors.

Then, with the help of a wooden stick, wrap the petals, thereby they acquire a more natural look. So make all the petals. The middle of each flower is made of paper. First we connect 3 petals, and then glue another 5 petals. The flower is ready. Now you need to make another 6 flowers in the same way. From corrugated green paper, cut out leaves 6-7 cm long, they also need a little twist with a wooden stick. Glue the green leaves to the flowers. Glue 3 leaves on each flower. From the bottom of each flower, we cut off the excess paper so that the flowers from below are even. We put a little glue on a toothpick and pierce a flower with it.

The resulting flowers are inserted into the foam, piercing it. In this case, the toothpick also needs to be lubricated with glue so that the flowers are fixed in the basket. We decorate each flower with rhinestones.

Using scissors, twist the gold ribbon and wrap it around the handle of the basket.

You must leave the basket to dry the glue for literally 5 minutes. A basket of flowers is ready!