Strawberry bouquet

Nowadays, it has become fashionable to organize themed celebrations. But we want to remind you that the Strawberry Wedding is 33 years of living together. It will be very pleasant for a woman and a man who have lived so many years in marriage to receive such a gift, arrange a photo session and plunge into those distant young years when they just began to share joyful and happy moments with each other.

Materials we need:

- port handle (microphone);

- floristic tape;

- satin ribbon of red color;

- a decorative tape of white color;

- glue gun;

- 2 sticks of silicone glue;

- floristic wire;

- marsh corrugated paper;

- 8 daisies;

- 38 pieces of strawberries (15 heads large and 23 small with stems);

- artificial green grass;

- 15 artificial leaflets from roses;

- 5-6 ladybugs (decor);

- sisal red.


1. First of all, we need to decorate the microphone. To do this, cut strips of red ribbon 25 cm long, there should be 20 pieces. Fold each strip in half with the wrong side inward and glue the ends together.

2. When all the strips are prepared, you can begin to design the port handle. Using a glue gun, we fix double tapes around the entire circumference of the microphone. The microphone will take 19 pieces of tape, and 20 leave for the boutonniere.

Here's what should happen: the ribbons are arranged in the form of a sun.

3. Cut a small piece of the same tape and with glue, fix down the port handles.

4. Finish the design of the microphone by wrapping and gluing the tape in a circle.

5. We proceed to the formation of filling for the bouquet itself. We take a floristic wire, cut 25 pieces 5-6 cm long.

6. In each of the large strawberries, drip a small amount of silicone glue.

We insert the wire and get a stalk for dummy strawberries.

We do the same with the heads of daisies.

7. From the paper paper cut out 15 circles of the same shape.

We smooth the circle in half and cut out the cloves, we get a rim for strawberries.

In the middle of each rim we make a hole and hang it on the strawberry stalk.

Here are the blanks we should have for the design of the bouquet.

8. First, insert the daisies: one in the center and six evenly on the sides. To fix the colors, we don’t need glue, since the oasis contained in the microphone will perfectly hold everything that we stick into it.

Then we add large strawberries to the bouquet. It must be placed around the daisies at the same distance from each other.

We fix small strawberries between the big heads.

To add color to our bouquet, we supplement it with leaves of roses. We distribute them around the central chamomile and on the sides of the bouquet so that there are no empty spaces.

10. From a white decorative ribbon, cut off a piece 60 cm long and tie a microphone handle around it. We tie in the middle and form a bow. We fix with silicone glue. Add a decorative ladybug.

11. The top of the bouquet is complemented with sisal and ladybugs. Butterflies can be added as desired.

12. We proceed to the design of the boutonniere for the groom. We take 3 petals from roses, with glue we attach them to the stems of three small strawberries.

We also connect and fix the chamomile and two large strawberries with a glue gun.

We connect all the parts together so that the rose petals are at the top, the daisy and the heads of large strawberries are in the middle, and the small strawberries are at the bottom of the boutonniere. With the help of a green floral ribbon, we pack the legs of the stems of all the elements to get one common one.

13. To supplement the greens, we use twigs of bergrass. We twist them in half and glue them in the middle.

14. The final touch in the design of the boutonniere. Glue the backgrass and the remaining piece of red satin ribbon on the back. We wrap the boutonniere’s leg with this ribbon and bring the tail to the right side.

The result of our work: Such work will take you no more than an hour and a half. Do not be afraid to experiment and add something of your own. After all, every craftswoman always brings a piece of her soul in the manufacture of any work. Delight your family and friends with your creativity and ideas!