Envelope Wedding Card

Each person encounters certain difficulties when he begins to pick up gifts for relatives and friends. Whatever the congratulation event, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. It can be a birthday, and an anniversary, and a professional holiday, and the New Year with Christmas, and even such a gentle and important holiday as the Wedding. For many, this holiday is considered the most important and only holiday in life, therefore, in terms of responsibility, preparation and importance, it also comes first. This holiday is exciting, both for young people and for everyone present at the wedding, from relatives to friends. It doesn't matter who it is: mom, dad, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, girlfriends or friends all choose gifts for the young with equal responsibility and excitement. Everyone now considers gifts, incomes and so on differently, so someone considers it loyal to donate dishes, a stove, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or a microwave, and someone, on the contrary, considers it acceptable to donate money so that the young family decides what they need to buy first. That's just so as not to rack your brains for a long time, how to give a cash gift, this master class will come in handy, which will help us make an envelope card for a wedding. We will do it in the scrapbooking technique.

For the master class you need to take:

• Watercolor paper;

• Scrapbooking paper with roses, pink wedding paper, mother-of-pearl white cardboard with floral embossing;

• White mother-of-pearl heart from the cutting;

• Picture with rings;

• Pink carved butterfly;

• White translucent cotton lace;

• White ribbon with small pompons;

• Pink satin ribbon with ruffles;

• White satin ribbon with white hearts 10 mm wide;

• White raffia;

• Lace frame made of polymer clay;

• Peach organza ribbon;

• Latex callas are white and pink;

• Rosette pink and white from latex;

• Stamens on a twig are white and light pink;

• The middle of the flower is white with a pebble;

• White fabric flowers;

• Marble faceted heart;

• Peach half beads;

• Stamp "Happy Wedding Day", pink ink;

• Two border hole punch;

• White swans from felling;

• PVA glue, double-sided adhesive tape, ruler, eraser, pencil, lighter, scissors, glue gun.

We take watercolor paper, cut out a rectangle of 18 * 28.5 cm from it, unfold it and divide it into three parts of 9.5 cm.

We make two bending lines with scissors. We make an incision on top of 2 cm on the side that is on the right and we make the top lace using one of the punch holes.

We wrap it up, this is how the pocket will look.

We cut out such parts from watercolors and scrapbook paper.

One large billet hole punch on the side, also make lace stripes.

We get these three parts for the decor of the postcard.

We assemble, glue and sew the front of the card. We do the stamping “Happy Wedding Day”.

Sew both the picture and the inscription with a typewriter. In the middle of the base, front and rear glue on a satin strip.

Glue with double-sided tape everything to the base.

Sew here in this form on a typewriter. All that remains is to stick all the decorations.

It turned out such a tender postcard envelope for a wedding. Thank you all for your attention!