Men's birthday box "Happy Birthday"

Especially no one ever thinks about what to choose a gift for a man until he encounters this problem. It would seem that something special and really impossible to come up with to congratulate a man on his birthday, February 23, or on his professional holiday, there were enough reasons for congratulations, and you need to carefully prepare for each of them. So, we will consider and reflect a little about men's gifts. It can be a diary, a collection of alcohol, perfume deodorant, an elegant tie or a beautiful shirt, it can also be some rare souvenir. It seems that, at first glance, it seems that the choice of gifts is large and you can easily pick up something, but you also need to take into account the fact that you want to congratulate your husband, son, brother, colleague, boss, teacher, doctor, or but in general a little-known person, for example, a beginner in the team at work. As regards collective congratulations, as a rule, mainly money is collected here and presented in an envelope or postcard. To somehow somehow remember your gift, you need to put a little effort into this and, for example, make that very interesting envelope, postcard or something more interesting with your own hands. Envelopes and postcards are somehow predictable, but you can make an interesting transformer box for a cash gift. You can do it in a technique called scrapbooking and right now we will do it.

For the box we need to take:

• Kraft cardboard 15 * 15 cm and light brown pastel paper 20 * 20 cm;

• Scheme template for the box;

• Paper for scrapbooking in men's colors;

• Men's pictures;

• The inscription stamped in black ink “Happy Birthday”;

• Felling of brown and beige colors: car, feather, frame, twig of leaves, feather;

• Figured hole punch;

• Colored tape;

• Satin brown ribbon with polka dots;

• Wooden button;

• Double-sided tape;

• Pencil, ruler, scissors;

• PVA glue;

• Glue gun.

First of all, we cut out the base of the lid and the box from pastel paper and kraft paper.

We make creations (bending lines) using scissors under the ruler.

We cut out such different shapes from scrapbook paper.

We make some strips curly using a hole punch.

On scrap scrap blanks we glue pictures with double-sided tape. Machine from cutting down with PVA glue.

We glue openwork strips on paper using PVA glue. Sew pictures on a typewriter. The inscription is tinted along the edge of the ink pad. Now we glue all the scrap of the workpiece to the base of the box and lid with pieces of double-sided tape.

Sew the lid on the sides separately and in the center, all sew on the edge. Sew the base of the box from the inside. We also make an openwork strip on both sides for investing money, we glue it inside the box with PVA glue.

Now we glue paper cuttings, as in the photo also using PVA glue and a glue gun.

This is how the box is assembled and folded and covered with a lid. Done, put the money inside and congratulate the man.