Name Bead Bracelet

Beadwork has always been carried away and will always, obviously. The best beadworkers are men. However, who will be able to repeat the gentle and romantic, the first girl’s bracelet? Probably only girls. Beadwork is a very important experience, developing a sense of beauty, practicing perseverance and attention. Perhaps patience will not be enough at first, so start with the simplest bracelets. Pride and admiration for his creation will be fully deserved.

We offer simple schemes for beginners. They are understandable to the child, and if you have patience and determination, you can easily weave, based on this scheme, a wide royal bracelet, collar necklace or headband. You will be very surprised at yourself to find out how pleasant and inspiring, as well as soothing, is beadwork.

How to make bead bracelets?

Do you know that to create all kinds of bead products (necklaces, decorating clothes and interior), only two basic techniques are used? Of course, it seems as if they are innumerable. This impression comes from a combination of two basic techniques and color variations. Using the name bracelet as an example, we will study one of these techniques - mosaic. Following the example of the embroidery initial letter, you can build the weaving pattern of any other name yourself.

Join this wonderful craft. After bracelets, you can switch to more voluminous and craft complex products (for example, earrings).

Everything that comes in handy in beadwork:

1. Beads and bugles (for an average length bracelet: 50 pcs. Of black beads - much less than a standard bag, and 1 bag of pink beads, as well as 100 pcs of blue or lilac beads);

2. Fishing line (you can use bead needles, they will speed up weaving);

3. Scissors, saucers for laying out beads;

4. Sewing hooks.

It is important for weaving beads to have good lighting at the work table, a large and fenced (or, for example, covered with fabric) work surface that will block the loss of beads falling out of the fishing line.

Weaving algorithm: step by step according to the photo and scheme.

1. Pour the beads from the bags into open containers, cut the fishing line and, following the pattern, weave the first row using the two ends of the fishing line.

2. In total, we will mosaic another 5 rows of the bracelet according to the mosaic pattern, but the hardest thing is not to make a mistake in the first row, which will become the basis for easy weaving of the name in the bracelet. You can use glass beads (1 glass beads = 2 standard bead beads), which will surprise you with saving time, and bead jewelry of different shapes looks especially elegant. This is how the upper horizontal row of the bracelet looks.

3. When the first row is ready for the size of the wrist, fix the fishing line and add blue beads with the help of another piece of fishing line.

We put the fishing line in the most extreme blue row and lead along it, adding a bead through each pair already woven in the canvas.

4. More information on weaving the second and subsequent rows using the woven first method using the mosaic method: two ends of the fishing line are also used.

Another example on blue beads: two beads are interwoven with two fishing lines - simultaneously in opposite directions. Then put two beads on the lateral end of the fishing line, and thread the end of the fishing line, which is closer to the product, into two beads of an already woven fabric. Then again we pass the next two beads at the same time. Thus, the entire bracelet weaves.

5. In these patterns of weaving letters, gray circles circled in black indicate additional beads that will be woven at the end of the work according to the method described in the previous step.

6. This method makes any pattern clearer and the text readable. You can notice the difference in the following photos. In the second, we weaved additional black beads.

7. Woven name in a bead bracelet.

8. Sew a pair of hooks. Clasps to them are not required, since the hooks are ideally attached to the bead web.

9. When finished, tighten knots. If the fishing line is thin and the product is soft, then twist the fishing line a second time, tightly tightening the fishing line, strengthening the shape of the bracelet and the durability in wearing.