Volume bracelet made of elastic bands

A new direction appeared in needlework - weaving from multi-colored rubber bands. To do this, use Rainbow Loom sets.

A set of multi-colored rubber bands is designed for weaving jewelry. Toys and all that is enough for imagination and fantasy. The most common gum jewelry is bracelets. There are many weaving techniques. Bracelets can be weaved in various shapes. Consider weaving a volume bracelet.

Materials that will be needed for work:

1. Elastics of white-violet color.

2. Yellow rubber bands.

3. Clasp.

4. Hook for weaving.

5. Slingshot.

Stages of manufacturing a volumetric bracelet.

1. On the left side of the slingshot we put on a yellow elastic band.

2. Stretch the elastic band, twist the free edge in the form of "8".

3. Put on the ring on the right side of the slingshot. Thus, it turns out 8.

4. Then we put on both parts of the slingshot 2 rubber bands of yellow color.

5. After that, we introduce the hook under the first gum (the right side of the slingshot).

6. Remove this part of the gum from the slingshot.

7. Pull the hook and release the elastic.

8. Thus, we do the left part of the gum.

9. On 2 elastic bands a knot is obtained.

10. Put on the next yellow elastic.

11. We start a hook under the lower right part of the elastic band.

12. Remove this part from the slingshot.

13. Then pull the hook and release the elastic.

14. We do the same with the left side of the gum.

15. In this way weave part of the bracelet of 7 yellow rubber bands.

16. We put on a white-purple gum.

17. We continue to weave part of the bracelet in a different color. In this case, we use 7 rubber bands of this shade.

18. Weave the bracelet to the desired length. Erasers stretch well. Therefore, you can weave a smaller size.

19. A fastener is used to connect the edges of the bracelet. Fasten the clasp with one edge to the free part of the bracelet.

20. And the second edge of the bracelet is removed from the slingshot to the hook.

21. Then we fix the second edge of the clasp to the bracelet. It turns out a vicious circle.

The finished bracelet looks beautiful and fashionable. Weaving a volume bracelet from elastic bands will take a little time and help diversify daily leisure.