Kanzashi Tsumami

In today's workshop, we will teach you how to make a traditional Japanese Tsumami Kanzashi hair ornament. Its manufacture will not take you much time, and as a result you will get a lot of positive emotions.

To make this flower Tsumami Kanzashi, we need the following materials:

- Satin ribbon in white.

Satin ribbon of caramel color.


- Matches.


-A thread.



Transparent glue gun.

Getting to the flower:

We cut the tape into equal segments (the length can be taken about 7 centimeters).

Then we turn the petals out of them. To do this, first turn the petal at an angle of 90 degrees, then turn in half and one more time in half. The resulting petal is fixed with fire. We will need about forty such petals.

Next, draw a circle on the cardboard, you can circle a coin, this size will be enough.

Glue the petals onto the cardboard using a transparent glue gun. First, a white petal, then a caramel and so on in a circle.

Then we glue the second row, we do everything the same way, only in this case we apply glue to the petals themselves and firmly press them to the base.

After this, we proceed to the manufacture of pendants. One pendant consists of seven petals.

Glue two white petals to the white thread. Then just below two more white petals and at the very bottom two caramel petals and one white.

Glue beads or large beads on top of the pendant.

We manufacture two such pendants. Try to arrange the petals at the same distance on both pendants. We attach pendants to the flower.

So our flower is ready by tsumami kanzashi. As a result of today's workshop, you learned how to make a kanzashi tsumami flower from satin ribbons. You can attach it to a clothes bag or make an elastic band or a hair clip from it.