Men's dad shirt card

Men's gifts are especially considered complex and more serious than women's. In choosing a men's gift there should be a lot of qualities that must be taken into account. Firstly, depending on which man a gift is given and selected: husband, son, dad, colleague, brother, father-in-law, etc. Secondly, you need to know at least a little the tastes and preferences of the man whom you are going to congratulate. Thirdly, this applies to collective and corporate gifts, where a person is not particularly familiar to you, and basically this gift is called, in a fold, where everyone is thrown off a certain amount and only then they buy something on the advice. There are plenty of factors, and at first glance it might seem that not everything is so complicated, but actually not. Sometimes, even for dad or husband, it’s hard to please and pick up something as a gift, it’s better to pre-test it from afar, if possible. But there is some common detail in all men's congratulations, these are words and wishes that are left in a postcard for a long memory. Here you can already reflect on the woman yourself and create an interesting postcard yourself and make it yourself. This is very interesting for herself, and your man will be delighted with such a creation.

Right now, we will consider an interesting scrapbooking master class, in which we will make a greeting card for dad in the form of a shirt, which looks very elegant, strict and unusual. For the master class we take:

• Kraft cardboard with a size of 20 * 20 cm;

• Three or four different scrap paper, but similar in color, beige-brown-black color scheme, sheets 15 * 15 cm, 20 * 20 cm;

• Rep tape dark brown 5 mm wide; Ribbon white and gray in a cage from satin 12 mm wide;

• Watercolor paper;

• Black ink pillow;

• Acrylic stamps: curl, watch, “Congratulations”;

• Chipboard "Papule";

• Hole puncher;

• Brown cut feather;

• Metal pendant anchor bronze color;

• Brown pearl half beads;

• Wooden button;

• Tools: double-sided tape, pencil, PVA glue, ruler, scissors, glue gun; rubber.

Proceed, cut out the base of the postcard from kraft cardboard, divide it in half and get a folded blank 10 * 16 cm in size.

From one sheet of scrapbook paper, cut out two rectangles of 9.5 * 15.5 cm.

We leave one, and from the second we will make shirts. Divide the sheet in half from above and step back 3 cm down. We draw the bending lines with scissors and turn our collar inside out.

From another paper we cut corners for the collar and pockets, from the third paper we cut the tie. From a watercolor paper we cut a rectangle of 9.5 * 15.5 cm, and for the inner pocket we cut a rectangle of 8.5 * 9.8 cm. We make paper lace with a hole punch.

We make stampings on watercolor paper in black ink, the sheet itself is also tinted around the edges. Glue strips of tape on the pockets, tie and corners of the collar. At the bottom of the lace strip, glue PVA.

Glue inside the pocket, on the other hand a watercolor rectangle. Glue on a shirt with a strip of lace.

Sew on a machine a tie, pockets and ribbons. We glue the blanks in front of the base and sew both sides of the card.

We glue the decor: an anchor to the pocket, a button with a feather, and below the chipboard, at the corners of the triangles and on the pocket we glue the half beads.

Done. We get here such a stylish postcard-shirt for dad!