Hair net decorations with roses from foamiran

This decoration with plastic suede will be a great addition to summer outfits.

For work we take materials:

- foamiran yellow, green and pink colors.

- glue gun.

- thin light green satin ribbon.

- 6 beads.

- lighter.

- foil.

- round mesh hair dummy.

- a needle with a thread.

Cooking roses patterns. The product will have 3 yellow and pink flowers. We draw patterns of two types. The first is in the form of a flower of 5 petals, and the second with 3 petals, both 8 cm in diameter. The substrate looks like an irregular star 9 x 8 cm in size.

Let's start with yellow suede, cut according to the template from three parts of 6 blanks. And then from pink foamiran according to the second template of 5 parts we also cook 6 pieces.

We proceed to their processing. You need to make suede plastic. We take the workpieces and, folding them, knead with fingers, twist. And then we straighten it to its original form.

Now we will tighten the edges of the petals with a lighter for all 12 blanks.

When the petals are ready, we make for the flowers of foil droplets of the base, 1.5 cm high.

Getting to the assembly of roses. For one flower, take two petals and a foil base.

On the first petal, in its middle, we glue the base with a pistol.

We seal the foil with the first part of the petal, and raise the remaining parts one by one and fix. The first row is ready.

Now in the middle of the second petal we put the first row.

And we raise all its parts and glue them one by one.

In yellow roses, we will glue the petals in the same way. We will get them only 6 roses.

From light tape we make segments of 25 cm in length 6 pieces. And we take a needle with a thread.

From each strip we add three curls. Two are directed up and one down. We fix the addition with a needle.

Now that all the details of the decoration are ready, the flower stickers are fixed, we take a hair-net for hair, add 6 beads, and begin assembly of the product.

We fix all the roses on the elastic band of the grid, alternating yellow and pink. We fix on glue and green curls, but we turn them so that two curls are directed upwards to the grid.

It remains to glue one bead on the curls of satin ribbons. The decoration is completely ready.

Good luck to all.