Stand for a bottle of wine from newspaper tubes

This stand for a bottle of wine will be a great addition to the festive table. It is very light and easy to manufacture. And it will be in harmony with your interior.

For work, we need:

- a newspaper.

- skewer.

- scissors.

- paper.

- gouache or watercolor paints.

- universal glue "Titan".

- brush for painting.

Getting to work. We take a newspaper and cut it into strips 10x40 cm in size. This length is enough for our tube.

We take a skewer and begin to gently wind the newspaper on it. Twist tightly and slowly. Do not forget to hold the edges of newspapers and skewers.

When we twisted the whole tube, in order to prevent it from unwinding, we glue the end of the newspaper to the tube.

We immediately prepare a large number of tubes.

From the paper we cut out the base for the stand. We take a square 28x28 cm, two sides, the lower and the right, there will also be twenty eight cm. We measure 14 cm from the left side. And cut from the right base to the left marked point. The cut should be 31 cm. This will be the basis for the stand for wine.

One by one, we begin to stick the tubes to the base. Let the glue dry well.

Well, our foundation is ready.

Cut a circle with a diameter of 9.5 cm from thick cardboard. This will be the bottom for the stand. From the side that will be inside the stand, we glue ordinary white paper. We connect and glue the base of the stand. We paste and glue the bottom to the bottom dewy edge.

When the glue dries, we begin to decorate the stand. To do this, take a tube. Squeeze the tube to make it flat. And start sticking from the top. Pasting only around the edge.

When we glued the slice, then we begin to glue further to the bottom. Having reached the bottom, we make a complete revolution along the edge of the bottom. And we fix one edge of the tube under the other.

Start painting the coasters. We will have 2 colors for coloring, these are white and brown. The first layer will be white. We color everything so that the letter on the newspaper is not visible. When the paint has dried and there is no trace of a reminder of the newspapers, we proceed to the next painting. We take the brown paint and color everything again. We are waiting for the paint to dry. We paint the inner walls of the stand with the same paint.

When the paint inside dries, then our stand for a bottle of wine will be ready.

Good luck to all.