Nut monkey

Of course, they do not become talented needlewomen or craftsmen, but are born. Creative natures have three times more sense of colors, shapes and textures than ordinary people. However, if the creative gift is not developed, created not to create favorable soil or conditions that encourage artistic discovery, it can fade without even opening. Work on crafts is not just a game, but a way to broaden the horizons of children. The children learn to see geometric shapes and volumetric bodies in the environment, to highlight their properties, transform and complement. Creating crafts using natural materials is not only useful, but also incredibly interesting. How do you like such a walnut monkey?

To make a small primate, you need to find:

- walnuts

- a piece of bread crumb

- PVA glue

- felt-tip pens

- a piece of rope.

For decor, we will use white stone and dried leaves, plant a monkey under a palm tree. However, if these materials are not available, the animal can be seated on any other stand or, after making a loop, hang on a decorative home flower. Immediately, all materials used in the craft are interchangeable. For example, a rope can be replaced with yarn folded in several layers. Plasticine will take the place of a piece of bread without hassle. The craft will become much stronger if, instead of PVA glue, special analogues for wood or plastic are used. So, let's get started. First, crush the bread crumbs with your fingers to the state of elastic plasticine. We roll from it a ball that will serve as the face of a primate. To make it possible to glue the semicircular part, we extend its edges from the side of contact with the walnut.

We attach the ball to the shell, adjust the size of the muzzle to the shape of the head.

Immediately sculpt round eyes and ears from the crumb. Finished parts can be set aside and dried, or they can be glued raw. We will use the last option. Small parts of the head will dry on the craft, and they will not lose their shape.

We draw mouth and eyes with felt-tip pens.

The limbs of the primate will be made of rope and bread crumb. Fingers knead the bread into a cake, and wrap the ends of the rope. It turned out a kind of hands and feet.

Using PVA we glue the monkey’s arms and legs. There is one minus of everything that happens - the glue dries incredibly long (10 - 15 minutes). All this time the ropes must be held in one position. That's really the education of willpower and patience. But the result is worth the candle.

Do not forget about the long tail.

When everything dries well, we attach the head to the body with the help of a thick layer of PVA. We are waiting for another 20-30 minutes. Suddenly the glue will not support the weight of walnuts? No, everything is okay. Now it's time to draw up a small island. Uncomplicated decor looks like this. Plasticine is attached to a piece of rock with a green grass bush imitating an exotic palm.

We will plant a monkey near the plant.

Apparently, the primate dealt with bananas. Now he sits and waits until they bring something tasty. Maybe a piece of cake? Now work on the craft can be considered finished. Creative success!