Fried blue whiting - fast, tasty, cheap

Blue whiting is a marine fish from the cod family, which is sold completely free and is cheap. Perhaps that is why many ignore it, considering it “tasteless”, which is not true. Very tasty and nutritious fish contains a lot of protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins and low fat. Blue whiting is not grown in production, is not fed with antibiotics and other growth additives, and therefore it is a clean, environmentally friendly product. Along with taste, the undeniable advantage of blue whiting is its price - the fish is available to people with very limited incomes.

Prepare the carcass

Preparation of blue whiting does not require much time and effort, it does not have a pungent smell, it has few bones.

First of all, you need to prepare the carcass.

To do this:

  • gut the fish, removing all the insides,

  • cut off the head and tail (can be given to animals),

  • cut off the dorsal and ventral fins (this is more convenient to do with scissors),

  • wash the carcass well by removing the inner black film.

The carcass is ready for further food processing.

Add taste

It is advisable to flavor the carcass with spices and seasonings - this will only enhance the taste and add piquancy. You can buy a special seasoning “For Fish”, or you can limit yourself to some separate type of spices - ginger, turmeric, ground pepper or a mixture of peppers, dried garlic.

Before the hottest, it is customary to roll any fish in flour or breading mixture - this protects the fish from sticking and improves the taste.

It's time for the pan

It is necessary to fry the fish in a well-heated pan, adding vegetable oil. You can’t put fish in a cold pan - it will stick and fall apart. Cook over medium heat. For blue whiting, about 3-5 minutes on each side are enough.

Serve on the table

Any fish goes well with potatoes, raw vegetables, herbs. It can be fresh or pickles, tomatoes, radishes. A light but hearty lunch or dinner is ready.