How to clean the car engine yourself

The engine, like all auto parts, is subject to contamination. Periodically clean the outside of the engine to prevent overheating of the motor. You can clean the outside of the engine with the help of car wash specialists, but you can do this work yourself.

Since the surface of the engine is contaminated by oil and dust during operation, it should be cleaned periodically.

To clean the outer surface of the engine, special-purpose products must be used. For work, it is advisable to use a spray tool.

Stages of engine cleaning.

1. First, apply a cleaner to the surface of the engine. In this case, the engine should not be hot. The temperature of the motor should be no more than 30 °. Such conditions contribute to better cleaning. Work must be done carefully so that the product does not fall into the face.

2. It is imperative that the cleaning agent is sprayed into hard-to-reach areas of the engine.

3. After the product has been applied to the surface of the engine, wait a while. For a period of 20 to 30 minutes, the cleaning agent will “corrode” the dirt and facilitate the further cleaning process.

4. In the next cleaning step, the contamination must be washed off. Doing this job is more convenient and efficient with a variety of tools, such as a spray gun and compressor.

5. The spray gun is attached to the compressor tube. Then fix the gun in a bottle of clean warm water.

6. Then it is necessary to turn on the compressor and wash off the dirt from the surface of the engine under pressure.

7. If necessary, repeat the work.

8. Finally, allow the engine surface to dry.

Periodically clean the engine. Such work will extend the life of the engine for a long time.