How to make a super grill from a drum of an unusable washer

In a non-functioning automatic washing machine, a stainless steel drum is usually well preserved. It can be successfully used, for example, to make a wonderful functional grill.

The process of transforming the drum into a grill

We start the work with its inspection and drilling holes in the crosspiece and in the drum with a drill and a step drill.

With a powerful screwdriver-mount, we tear off the cross from the base. With the same screwdriver, we clean the layers formed under the cross.

Pour vinegar essence diluted with water into the bottom bowl and distribute it over all surfaces with a paint brush.

Once again, we drill holes that previously served to attach the cross to the drum.

We fix in a vice, mark and cut the old pipe section into equal parts with a grinder to get 6 long and 3 short sections. The cuts are made oblique at the same angle.

We clean the pipe workpieces from rust with a grinder with an grinding wheel. We weld from the pipes 3 supports for the grill. Long workpieces are stops and stops connected by welding using short pipes. It turns out a rigid Z-shape due to oblique slices.

We fix the welded pipe supports in a vice and grind the seams with a grinder with a grinding wheel.

In the restrictor pipes from above we make holes with a drill with a step drill.

The supporting parts of the grill are painted with black spray paint from a spray can.

We set the stops in the lower holes of the drum until its bottom "sits" on the transverse pipes. In this case, the stops will pass along the grooves along the side surface and come out of the upper holes.

We put wide metal washers on the protruding parts of the restriction pipes and weld them to the pipes and the drum.

The nuts of the ring head bolts are screwed closer to the end. We insert the bolts into the holes of the stops and weld the nuts to them.

We cover the welding spots with spray paint through a slot in cardboard protection.

We cut out two rods from the old structure, remove the paint from them and for now put them aside.

Using a drill and grinding wheel we put in order the old round grate.

We insert the rod all the way into the stop pipe, and put a round lattice on the drum shell so that its tide with two holes stands with its center exactly opposite the rod.

We try on a segment of the corner to the tide and the rod, mark with a marker the place of the cut in the lower shelf and the oblique slices from the center.

We fix the corner in a vise and process it according to the markings with the help of a grinder. We drill two holes in the whole shelf of the corner opposite the holes in the tide of a round lattice.

We fix the bolt sets to the corner to the tide of the lattice.

Turn the grill over, place the rod in the corner cutout and weld them. For rigidity between the rod and the opposite shelf of the corner we weld the scarf.

Having unscrewed the bolt with the ring head, we make sure that the grill with the rod rises, lowers and deviates to the side, and can also be fixed in any position.

To two identical plates cut from a stainless steel sheet with rounded corners in the center of the long side, we weld perpendicularly to their planes along the rod.

We install the rods with the plates in the two remaining stops on the drum. They, as well as the lattice cover, can be fixed with bolts with round heads in height and in plan in any position.

In principle, all operations that turned the washing machine drum into a grill are completed.


We put the grill on the ground. Move the grate and lay firewood. We kindle them and let them flare up.

Grease stainless steel plates with sunflower oil and put on one of them a loaf of loaf with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.

The fire in the grill gained strength and you can already warm up and even lightly fry a piece of bacon strung on a wooden skewer.

Drops of hot fat tearing off the schmat impregnate a loaf of vegetables. Repeating the process several times, we try the resulting delicacy, and make sure that it is excellent.

When the wood is mostly burned out, place a grate over the coals and cook the meat steaks. The feeling of the received dish cannot be expressed in words.