The recipe for the cake "Golden Key"

Golden Key is not just a delicious dessert, but a pleasant reminder of youth. After all, this cake was still made by our grandmothers. In its recipe variations, it is very diverse, however, its taste with any ingredient set remains excellent.

Naturally, like all dishes, the Golden Key is easy to spoil: took too much oil - the cake became viscous and fluid; went too far with the number of butterscotch - I received not a soft key, but an iron reinforcement ...

Today we will prepare the “Golden Key” according to the recipe that was still in use with my mother: nothing more, without extra troubles on inventing your own bicycle. The cake always turned out to be moderately sweet, soft and crunchy.

Necessary ingredients: 200 grams of corn sticks, 500 grams of Kis-Kis butterscotch or Golden Key, 200 grams of butter.

And also I advise you to purchase disposable medical gloves in advance to wear warm gloves (so that your hands don’t burn during the formation of cakes), and medical ones on them. If there are no gloves, then you can use a regular bag instead.


Toffee clean from candy wrappers. We carefully monitor that no paper particles remain on the sweets.

The first to the pan in which we will prepare our Golden Key is to send the butter that needs to be melted. But make sure that the oil does not boil.

Following the butter, we send toffee. Add them gradually, and not a common bunch.

A mixture of butterscotch and butter melt so that it becomes homogeneous. Do not let her boil and sugary.

Pour corn sticks into the pan, and mix thoroughly the resulting mixture.

When the mass cools down a bit, we form a cake out of it. There are several options: individual small cakes or a large "loaf", which will then need to be cut portionwise.

Formed cakes are sent to the refrigerator for a couple of hours so that they are saturated.

Given the fact that we were making a “loaf, ” now we need to cut it into pieces.

The delicious Golden Key cake is ready.

Bon Appetit!