5 useful screwdriver tips

It is clear and justified by the desire of the owner of an expensive screwdriver to use it with greater benefit and return. In this regard, various nozzles help greatly expand the capabilities of the tool.

Angle nozzle

A screwdriver is more often used for drilling and working with hardware. Sometimes you need to drill a hole or screw in a screw in an uncomfortable or even inaccessible place.

In such cases, an angled nozzle will help, consisting of a body, a gearbox, an instrument fixation unit and a rotary handle.

The angle nozzle is connected to the chuck of a screwdriver, a bit is inserted into the fixing unit and the desired position of the nozzle is set with the handle.

Then the screwdriver is turned on, the nozzle is held by the case or handle and the screw is twisted / unscrewed.

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Nozzle turbo scissors

The basis of its mechanism is represented by a shaft freely rotating in bearings, on which an eccentric is fixed. It can be represented in the form of a crank mechanism on the contrary: the rotation energy creates a reciprocating motion.

The fixed blade of the scissors rests on the bed, the movable swings on the axis and is attached to the eccentric. Therefore, when the shaft rotates, it moves back and forth.

An important role in the design is given to the handle fixed normally to the spindle. With its help, you can withstand reactive torque, seeking to tighten the screwdriver in relation to the tool.

The nozzle is attached to the chuck of a screwdriver and begins to act when it is turned on.

It is designed to cut sheet and mesh materials according to the guillotine principle.

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Nozzle - universal key

This multifunctional universal key nozzle has an organ that adjusts to the nut, bolt head, screw, screw, etc. Using it, you can tighten and unscrew the nuts and bolt heads from 7 to 19 mm in size.

The tool connector is filled with 54 hardened steel rods on springs (pins), which transmit large torque to a bolt or nut.

A firm grip by the working body of the universal tool of the bolt head occurs due to the raising of part of the pins and tight fit of any shape remaining to the head.

The working body of the nozzle is connected to the screwdriver chuck with a tetrahedral shank with a spring ball. With its help, you can twist and unscrew the fasteners. To do this, just turn on the reverse to the screwdriver.

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Nozzle for drilling and twisting

She is part of a set of bits and drills. Moreover, one part of the tool is a shank that is inserted into the chuck of a screwdriver, the other is a symmetrical “pinwheel”, the axis of rotation of which is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the cartridge.

At the ends of the “turntable” are screwed collets, one of which is inserted a drill, the other - a bit. To fix the “turntable” with the tool, there is an annular stopper with a latch-ball fixed in the corresponding recess on the collet.

It is simple and convenient to work with this nozzle. The shank is fixed in the chuck of a screwdriver. The necessary tool (in our case - a drill) is fixed with a stopper ring. We drill the required number of holes in the right place.

Then we shift the stopper, turn the “turntable”, again we fix the collet and with the help of a bit we can screw the screws into the drilled holes. Work is easy and quick.

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Flexible shaft nozzle

Using this nozzle, torque is transmitted to the tool, an off-axis screwdriver. It is needed when it is not possible or difficult to use a screwdriver with a conventional working element.

The basis of the flexible drive is an armored cable and a soft body. A shank is located on one end of the shaft, with which it is attached to the chuck of a screwdriver, on the other a working element is installed: a bit, a drill, a mill, etc.

The nozzle in the form of a flexible shaft is able to take any shape, which is its main advantage. The shaft is endowed with this feature thanks to a steel cable transmitting rotation and a spiral wire frame.

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