Painting of a decorative button

In order to please yourself and those around you with another curiosity, it is not at all necessary to buy it in a store. It is enough to purchase a blank and do it yourself. In addition, the creative process is quite exciting and brings positive emotions. For example, you can paint a decorative button from solid wood. Make it bright and interesting will help painting in the style of the ancient Indians. The painting consists of concentric lines divided into sectors. An original ornament is inscribed in each sector.

To create a bright decorative button you will need:

- wooden button blank,

- paper for drawing, pencil, eraser, black gel pen,

- a saucer or other container for paint and soil,

- acrylic primer and paints,

- fine sandpaper,

- aerosol acrylic varnish or regular construction varnish of good quality, suitable for interior use,

- You may also need cloth gloves and colored pencils, but they are not required.

Stage of manufacture.

1. Take a button and grind it with fine sandpaper. To prevent the button from slipping out of your hands, and sandpaper not to hurt them, you can wear cloth gloves.

2. Then, on the paper for drawing, draw a outline of the button with a simple pencil. We do this twice, as we will paint both sides.

3. We make a sketch of the drawing, we try to fit it into the natural texture of the button.

You can use colored pencils to give color to the picture or keep the color scheme in your head. The picture can be anything, it will be prompted by imagination. If you adhere to an Indian theme, then the colors should be bright, and the picture should contain many small elements.

4. Primer the surface of the button on both sides with acrylic primer at least 2 times, after each time we wait for drying and grind it with fine sandpaper.

Brush for soil is better to take synthetic or high quality from natural bristles.

5. We draw with a simple pencil a prepared sketch on the button on both sides.

If you need to fix something, gently erase the pencil drawing with an eraser.

6. We begin to paint large fragments of the picture with acrylic paints, starting from the largest sectors, color by color.

Brushes for acrylic paints are better to use synthetic. When using brushes from natural pile it is impossible to allow drying of paint on them, since it will be very difficult to remove the paint.

7. We proceed to the selection of small parts with paints.

8. After complete drying, apply the smallest details with a black or dark blue gel pen.

For further manipulations, you need to wait until the handle dries, so that you can take the button in your hands.

9. Apply aerosol varnish. You can use construction varnish or special acrylic varnish for artwork and decoupage. The varnish is applied in 2-3 layers, before applying the next layer, you must wait for the previous one to dry completely. If there is no varnish for artwork in an aerosol, and the usual building varnish after application sticks, then it is necessary to apply an acrylic varnish for artwork in the form of a solution on top of it with a synthetic brush. It must be borne in mind that the gel pen spreads when applying varnish with a brush. Therefore, the first layer of varnish must be aerosol. The button is ready.

A decorative Indian-style button will help to decorate your own home or serve as a pleasant and unexpected gift for friends.