Birthday card"

A card with sincere congratulations - this is the best present for absolutely any holiday. Souvenirs and gifts can be completely different: perfume, cream, shower gel, sweets, flowers, even some kind of thing, was worn out or used and everything is forgotten over time, as if there was no gift. But to give any of the items listed above along with the words of wishes stated in the greeting card already remain in good memories for a long memory. After all, the most important thing is that? A couple of three warm words from a pure heart are much more pleasant than even a certain amount of money. The celebration and event can be any, for example, birthday, anniversary, wedding, anniversary, christening and other significant dates, and the words must be written from the heart. Of course, among the modern assortment in stores, it is not difficult to find a postcard for different holidays, even with ready-made congratulations. But this is somehow simple and uninteresting, but if you congratulate your near or dear person, friend with your own gift, this is a completely different and interesting story. You can take materials and accessories in any department for needlework and make for your girlfriend or sister, for example, a birthday card. This master class will help in this task, he will teach you to master the basics of scrapbooking techniques and make a card with a cute bunny for your birthday.

For a postcard we need to take the following:

• A4 sheet of watercolor paper;

• Scrapbook paper from the flower collection in pink, sheet 30x30 cm;

• Picture with a bunny;

• Hole puncher;

• Lace cotton beige;

• Small flowers from glued pink and white fabric;

• Paper light pink flower;

• An empty flower with rhinestones for the middle;

• White semi-pearls 4 mm;

• Beige and green leaves from glued fabric;

• Pink stamens on a thread;

• Stamp "Happy Birthday", a dark pink ink pad;

• For tinting gold ink;

• Pink carved butterfly;

• Scissors, double-sided tape, ruler, PVA glue, pencil, glue gun, thread with a needle, machine.

We will make a card of horizontal shape, for this the first thing we will cut out the base for the card from watercolor paper. First, cut out a square 18 * 18 cm. Then divide it in half and draw a bend line horizontally and fold it. We get the base in folded form 9 * 18 cm.

From the scrapbook paper we cut out two rectangles of 9 * 17.5 cm. From the bottom we make paper lace with a hole punch. Cut a 10 cm strip of lace and take a picture with a bunny.

We stamp on a piece of watercolors with dark pink ink “Happy Birthday”.

Cut one inscription and tint it on the edge with a golden tint.

Using pieces of adhesive tape we glue the picture to the left, to the right below we glue the prepared congratulatory inscription. Under the frill, fold the lace and sew it first manually with a thread. Now we sew the machine with lace, the picture itself along the edge and the inscription.

Glue paper to the base. Also, each separately we sew the machine on the edge, approximately departing from the edge of 3-4 mm. We take the decor, knit a bunch of stamens and glue the pictures below, then the petals and a paper flower, a fabric and a middle on it.

Inside, we make a strip of paper lace from a strip of scrapbook paper with paper lace inside the PVA postcard that we glue to the base. At the top is another inscription, a butterfly and a half bead. Glue the remaining flowers, as in the photo. So it happened, you can write your congratulations and give! I am grateful to everyone and I wish you a pleasant creation!