Game "Apple Tree

In order for your child to be able to write beautifully in school in the future, it is necessary that he has fine motor skills in his hands. Drawing, modeling contribute to this like no other technique. But, there are special games that are aimed at developing the muscles of the fingers. It can be lacing, mosaic, puzzles. And it’s better to make a developmental toy for the child with your own hands. The idea is quite interesting and easy to implement. It is called "Tree with Fruits."

For work you need: fabric of various shades, synthetic winterizer thin, threads of different colors, buttons, velcro. First, take a piece of blue - this will be the base. Sew on it five buttons and one part of the Velcro. The fabric needs to be fixed on a tight base.

Sew a tree with several branches to the size of the base. You need to draw a stencil and cut two brown blanks. In the middle, it is necessary to put a piece of syntepon in size. It is better to flash the tree on a sewing machine, but you can also do it by hand. Sew the second part of Velcro on one side of the trunk, and one button on the other.

Now prepare the addition to the tree. Sew red apples, green leaves, pink flowers. They are easy to cut and join with overlock. Do not forget to make a hole for buttons in each of the elements.

The game for the child is ready. He takes the tree, fastens it on the base (with Velcro).

Then he puts leaflets on the buttons.

Then the flowers and apples.

It turns out a bright apple tree. This craft allows you to playfully develop the child's fine motor skills. And the kid learns the skills of unbuttoning and buttoning buttons that will be useful to him in life.