How to blind around a barn in an uneven area

The blind area plays an important role in ensuring the durability of the foundation of the building, and therefore, of the entire structure as a whole. The blind area is designed to protect the soil and foundation from moisture. In addition, the blind area serves as a path along which you can move around the building. Therefore, in the manufacture of blind areas, all terrain features should be taken into account.

Stages of making the blind area around the barn.

1. At the first stage, it is necessary to prepare a site for the future blind area. To begin with, it is necessary to remove the top layer of soil with a width of at least 70 cm around the entire perimeter of the building. On a flat site, a depth of about 10 cm should be made. On uneven areas, trenches should not be done. On the edge of the trench we install the formwork.

2. Additionally, the construction of the blind area around the barn should not be protected with reinforcement and a rubble pillow; just pour it with a solution. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to prepare slag, cement grade M 400 and water.

3. After the solution has been prepared, install the concrete mixer in a convenient place and fill the uncoil.

4. The solution is poured in parts. At the same time, we constantly level the solution with a trowel.

5. After the kneaded part of the solution is poured, it is necessary to thoroughly level the pouring area. To do this, use the "fail".

6. Periodically it is necessary to check the level of unwinding.

7. The unwind is flooded. Next, leave the solution to dry for several days.

8. When the mortar hardens well, the formwork can be removed. Near the entrance to the barn we make steps.

Ready blind area looks like: