Newspaper bell

This bell will be a wonderful gift for students and teachers. But it can also be a great decoration for your home. It is very easy to manufacture.

For the manufacture we need:

- newspaper or magazine.

- PVA glue.

- a knitting needle.

- spray paint gold color.

- white bow.

- universal glue "Titan".

Getting to work. We take a magazine and cut into strips of size 45x10 cm.

Now we begin to twist the strip into a tube. Put it on the lower right corner and fold tightly. When the whole strip is rolled up, we coat the upper left corner with PVA glue.

Here we have a tube.

Immediately prepare how many tubes, so as not to interrupt the weaving of the bell to twist the missing tubes.

We begin to weave a bell. To do this, take 6 tubes. And put them cross on a cross of 3 pieces.

Take two tubes and connect them together. Then bend from just above the middle. This will be the working tubes with which we will weave a bell.

We take the working tube and lay it on the cross from the tubes. So that the tubes are sandwiched between the working tubes.

Since the working tube has two ends, the first one we turn forward onto a row of tubes, and the second we start for it.

Then we go to the third side of the cross and turn off the second tube and put it on top of the row, and start the first one on it.

We also cross the working tubes on the fourth side of the cross.

When we fixed all sides of the cross, then we got the foundation. And now, when the base is ready, we begin to braid each tube individually. In the same way, crossing the tubes, we braid each main one.

So weave a complete row.

We also weave the following rows, but we bend the main tubes so that the weaving is obtained in the correct form, a bell. We will get the shape of a volumetric oval.

Weave another 17 rows.

Gradually we remove the ends of the main tubes so that the edges of the weave are wider than the middle of the bell.

So the main bell is ready. The weave is over.

Now we fix the ends of the main tubes. Weave them into the base.

Now we start weaving the tongue for the bell. We take three tubes. Clamp the ends on one side and start weaving.

We put the first tube on the second. Second to third. And the third to the first. So we continue to weave.

When a sufficient length of the tongue is twisted, then we make a ball at the end of the chain. To do this, grind the remaining ends of the tubes to the edge of the chain. And fix with glue.

In the same way weave and a handle for a bell. But we use 4 tubes. And weave it into the base.

We also weave the tongue from the inside.

Now it's time to paint the bell. We take a spray paint and paint the bell inside and out. Let the paint dry completely.

We tie a white bow to the bell handle. All our bell is ready.

Good luck to all.