Auto Document Cover

Every girl or woman dreams, sooner or later, of her own car, on which she can independently travel on different trips. Therefore, to drive a car you need a driver's license, which is best to get before buying a car. The procedure for obtaining rights is not so fast, therefore, special training, courses, lectures and practice, exams are needed and as a result of successful exercises a crust of a driver’s license is issued. With the purchase of a car, each girl has another important document that you always need to carry with you is the driver's kit, which includes the rights themselves, a technical coupon and other documents the driver needs. Therefore, so that all documents are carefully stored in one place, it is better to carry them and store them in a special cover for auto documents. There are many options for such covers in the factory, but it is somehow simple and annoying. And you can take the usual cover and make it a very bright and original cover that will be such only for you, and most importantly, you can decorate it yourself and for this we need this master class.

This master class will help us master the decoupage technique for cover decor for automotive documents. For this we will need:

• Matte leatherette cover for auto documents;

• Napkin for decoupage on an Egyptian theme with elephants, size 21x21 cm;

• Brush for decoupage;

• White acrylic paint;

• Foam sponge;

• Glossy varnish for decoupage;

• Capacity for paint;

• PVA glue;

• Gold acrylic paint;

• scissors;

• Package and oilcloth for the table;

• Simple napkins;

• Hair dryer, for quick drying of the product.

First, prepare the table. To do this, cover its surface with oilcloth. We unfold the napkin and put it on the table. Pour white paint into the container and dilute it with about 15-20% water, mix well. We unfold the cover and put it on a napkin.

We sponge a foam sponge into the paint and begin to paint with the first layer of paint. Dry until completely dry with a hair dryer. The first layer will be pretty plain, there will be many gaps, so do not be alarmed. We paint the second layer, it is already more saturated, we dry it. We paint with the third layer, and if necessary, we need to look at the coloring, then the fourth. Dry the cover completely. Carefully cover the cover halfway. On the edge, the paint begins to crumble, do not worry, it is necessary. We remove the remains of white paint on the edge. We remove the crumbling paint, put the cover on a clean bag and tint it where necessary.

We prepare the mixture with glue. I wash the capacity after paint and pour in it in a ratio of 1: 1 PVA glue and water. Stir the mixture well with your finger.

Carefully remove the top layer from the napkin; there are only three of them in the napkin.

We cut off neatly the parts we need that are needed for the cover. We apply them to the cover.

We dip the sponge into the prepared mixture and, with very soft and careful movements, we begin to glue the napkin. We try to start work from the middle, and we do it carefully so as not to break the napkin. Suddenly torn, carefully glue immediately. Dry the surface completely. Put the cover on a dry, clean napkin.

We cut off a piece of sponge and paint the edge of the cover half-closed with gold paint.

Then we go along the edge around the entire cover. The layer is dry, paint the second.

The final stage is the varnish coating. We apply glossy varnish with either a brush or a sponge. Dry each layer, and a total of 4-5.

The cover is dry and ready to use. Thank you all and do good health!