Congratulatory envelope with a chipboard

Birthday is the best holiday in everyone’s life. Each birthday in his own way loves to celebrate this day. There are even people who prefer to retire and stay on that day in splendid isolation, so to speak, to visit their a tete-a-tete aura. This, of course, is everyone’s business, so it’s not for everyone, but many people really like funny and noisy companies with different goodies at their holiday table. It is already troublesome to prepare such birthday parties, since there are a lot of worries, especially if the campaign is going to be very large. A noisy campaign is certainly good, fun and memorable for a long time, but you need to think through the holiday menu as well, as all your guests need to be fed, watered and amused. Basically, this is planned in advance by invitation, so the most important thing is not to panic, but to carefully think through everything. The guests, friends and all those invited for the birthday have completely different concerns and troubles, you need to congratulate the birthday boy both verbally and financially. What is meant by the word materially? Maybe this is a gift that you picked up in advance, found out from the birthday man so that he would like to. But if a person is not very familiar and doesn’t want to “fall face down into the mud” and please a gift, then you can find a way out of the situation and give, for example, money in a beautiful handmade congratulatory envelope. A certain amount will also turn out, for which a person will be able to pick up something for himself and the envelope will remain in your memory with warm and sincere congratulations from you.

Such an envelope can just be made thanks to this master class, and it will have an unusual look, as it will have a frame with a chipboard. Now that’s what we’ll do and take the following:

• Blue sheet of cardboard A4 or pastel paper;

• Scrapbook paper of two colors;

• Two pictures with bunnies;

• Chipboard frame made of beer cardboard;

• An openwork circle with roses from cutting down;

• Felling: white and blue flowers, butterfly blue and lace blue;

• Rep blue polka dot ribbon;

• Stamens, berries and roses;

• Buttons of a flower wooden different colors;

• Leaflets green and beige fabric;

• Congratulations stamp and ink;

• Blue satin ribbon 1.2 cm wide;

• Cabochon blue and white;

• Half beads;

• Hole puncher;

• Scissors, double-sided tape, PVA glue, ruler, pencil, glue gun;

• Sewing machine.

We unfold horizontally blue cardboard, divide it on the large side into three parts 9.5 * 9.5 * 8.5 cm, and a height of 21 cm. We make bending lines with scissors and a ruler.

The side is 8.5 cm, cut off obliquely from above. From scrapbook paper we prepare the top design.

Cut out blanks of this size. From two narrow stripes with a curb punch we make lace.

We stamp “Congratulations” on white cardboard, cut out and tint the edges of the inscription itself.

From the rep ribbon we cut two strips of 10.5 cm each, apply, wrap and glue from the inside out. We glue the pictures, as in the photo.

On a typewriter we sew pictures, ribbons and an inscription. From the satin ribbon we measure two cuts of 15 cm each, glue them to the base in the center.

Scrap billets are glued to the base with double-sided tape. Sew each separately. We glue the PVA chipboard in a circle around the bunny.

Glue the circle to the front side with PVA glue.

We make a bouquet of berries, stamens and glue first leaves, then a bouquet, flowers, a cabochon and flower buttons. We glue a butterfly inside.

This turned out to be such an interesting version of a wallet-envelope for money. Good luck and thank you all for participating!