Fan with flowers made of corrugated paper

This workshop is a detailed description of how to make a beautiful home decoration. The fan is simple and easy to perform. It can also be a wonderful gift for friends and acquaintances.

To work, we need:

- skewers.

- beads.

- glue gun with silicone rods.

- corrugated paper blue, blue, white.

- floristic mesh.

- foil.

- scissors.

- threads.

- chain.

Let's get to work. We start by making the base of the fan. To do this, take the skewers. They need 14 pieces.

To design the basis, we will use blue. We take blue corrugated paper and cut strips across the fibers. Size 1x15 cm. Cut them as many as skewers. Stretch the strip to the limit. We will wrap the skewer.

With a glue gun, glue the strip to the skewer. At the same time we tighten as tightly as possible. Twisting the strip in a spiral around the skewer.

We will prepare all the necessary skewers. We will need 14 skewers.

We begin to collect the foundation. We take the skewers and glue them to each other, at an angle of 45 degrees. We glue everything firmly.

Now you need to glue the lower part of the fan. To do this, take a strip of blue paper measuring 2x5 cm. And stretch it completely. And glue the bottom. So as to close the connection between the skewers.

Then go to the beads. We take blue beads, the number corresponds to skewers. Glue each bead to the sharp edge of the skewer.

That's what we get. We glued all the beads.

Now move on to the floristic mesh. Which is also blue. Take a piece measuring 30x30 cm. And tightly cover the skewers with it. To make it easier to work, we thread skewers with beads into the holes of the mesh. Glue to the bottom base, and well glue each skewer to the net. When the glue has dried and the mesh will hold firmly on the base of the fan, we proceed to the correction. Trim the unnecessary edges of the mesh.

We turn to the manufacture of flowers. They will be three sizes. And for each flower you need two sizes of petals. Large blue - 3x5 cm 4 pieces, and 5x5 cm three pieces. Medium blue - 3x4 cm four and 4x4 cm 3 pieces. Small white flowers - 2x3 four, 3x3 three pieces. Back to the big blue colors. We cut strips of the necessary sizes. Cut the corners on the strips giving the shape of a petal.

Using a skewer or knitting needle, twist the edges of the petals. And with our fingers we stretch the paper a little, making a depression in the middle.

We begin to make a bud. To do this, take a foil measuring 10x10 cm and roll it into a ball. Now we take one of the four petals and turn the foil ball into its center. We tie the resulting bud with thread.

Then we begin to stick the petals to the bud. Starting from the little ones.

Thus, we glue the remaining petals of small and large sizes.

These large roses we will need three pieces. There are also 3 medium blue ones. And four small ones.

Glue large roses together.

Then glue these roses on the base. Let the glue dry well.

Now we take small white flowers and glue them on both sides below on the base under large flowers.

Then we take medium blue roses and glue them in a checkerboard pattern relative to large roses.

It's time for the remaining two little white roses, glue them between the blue ones.

There is the final touch. You need to fix the chain. To do this, take blue paper, cut off from it two strips of 1x2 cm in size. We straighten out and turn it into a tube. We glue it so that it does not unwind. Then we press it so that it becomes flat. Glue a chain to these strips. Then glue these strips to the base. In a suitable place we attach strips with a chain to the skewers on the back of the fan. Everything is ready.

Good luck to all.