Postcard to the day of the teacher

Sweets, envelopes, flowers - a standard faceless set on the day of the teacher. I would like to change the attitude of both parents and children to the congratulation of such an important person in life as a teacher. In this master class, we will do themed postcard from improvised materials with our own hands.

We will need such materials and tools:

- corrugated cardboard;

- mother of pearl cardboard;

- colored paper;

- sheets in a cage or oblique line;

- the remains of colored pencils;

- scissors;

- office stapler;

- ruler;

- transparent universal glue;

- pencil sharpener;

- ribbon.

Cut a rectangle of A5 format from corrugated cardboard.

We make the basis of the postcard. We make the rectangle of mother-of-pearl cardboard smaller than the A5 format, reducing each side by 4-5 centimeters.

Glue the smaller rectangle onto the larger rectangle.

We make a notebook. We put two notebook sheets and a sheet of colored paper together and fasten them with a stapler.

We measure the same distances from the staples and cut with scissors in a straight line. We put the notebook on the fastening line and cut off the excess.

We give the child to make pre-agreed inscriptions and congratulations. These can be figures and examples for a teacher of mathematics, formulas for teachers of physics and chemistry, or a universal poem.

We collect and decorate the card. Put glue on the back of the notebook’s cover glue and attach it to the base of the postcard.

We sharpen the remains of pencils to a point on a stylus. If the pencil is broken and the stylus falls out during sharpening, it can be attached to the pencil with glue. Pencils can be sharpened on both sides.

We glue the pencils in a chaotic manner near the notebook using universal glue.

We print the word “notebook” on color cardboard, cut it out and glue it to the notebook a little higher than its middle.

From a beautiful ribbon we make a bow and glue it in the lower left corner of the postcard.

Greeting card from improvised materials for the teacher is ready.

Most of the work can be done with the child. Using the proposed materials and methods of work, you will make individual cards for teachers. To do this, just change the combination of colors used and the content of the inscriptions in the notebooks.

Be original and enjoy your creativity.