Elastic bands for hair "Caprice" from fabric

The elastic is 6 cm high and 10 cm in diameter. The fabric allows the flowers to hold their shape well and the product is very practical.

For work we take materials:

- Kristalin fabric of red and green colors.

- the candle is ordinary.

- scissors.

- a needle with a thread to the tone of the flower fabric.

- glue gun.

- tweezers.

- a little thread "Mouline thread."

- fishing line and beads.

- a piece of dense fabric.

- scrunchy.

We begin any product with preparation of templates. For flowers we will use 3 types. Small petals look like a square with a side of 4 cm. And we place the large petals in a square of 5 x 5 cm. In all the petals we round the two upper corners. Next, draw another square with a side of 5 cm, but already for the leaves. Here we will round two opposite corners.

Getting to work. We take the red color of the fabric and according to the patterns we cut 12 large petals and 17 small ones.

We light a candle and proceed to the processing of all the petals. Gently burn each edge of the petals. And then, in turn, we bring the blanks above the candle, face down. From the heat, the edge of the petal itself makes a beautiful bend to the candle. And such bends will be on all the petals.

For a large flower, take 12 large processed petals. First you need 7 pieces. Add one petal to the second with overlapping to the middle of the lower workpiece. We place the petals on the wrong side up. With a needle and thread, we collect small stitches along the lower edge of the petals.

For the first row of the flower we collect 7 petals. We tighten the thread and fix the knot.

But our flower consists of two rows. In the second we will collect only 5 petals together.

Now you need to make the stamens. From the threads "Mouline thread" we cut lengths of 7 cm, a total of 18 pieces. Fold in half and fix in pairs with a glue gun.

Now we begin to cut leaves from the green fabric, which we need only 5 pieces. Use the template. We also process all slices on a candle. Then bend the sheet in half and fold it to the candle. Having warmed it, we immediately press a warm place with our fingers. It turns out in the sheet an average vein.

Lateral from the center of the veins are heated and clamped with tweezers.

At this stage of the work, it is necessary to show the direction of the veins on both sides of the center line.

Leaves are obtained in an interesting shape.

We proceed to the assembly of 3 flowers. Let's start with a little one. From the smaller petals we collect 5 blanks per thread, assemble and fasten. In the middle we glue the finished stamens from the threads, take 3 pairs. And the flower is ready. But do not forget that the wrong side of the fabric inside the flower. And to the bottom of the product we glue a green leaf.

The big flower is almost ready, but we will glue the decoration from the fishing line and beads. Fasten with a gun at short intervals. We will have two rings with a diameter of 5 cm.

And we collect a large flower from two ready-made rows. The first row of 7 petals, and the second of 5 pieces. We fix the smaller row in the center of the large one, and paste 3 pairs of stamens in the middle of the small row. Now we turn the finished flower upside down and fix the decoration on one side. And next to it we glue two green leaves, directing from each other.

And it remains to collect a medium-sized flower. It will also consist of two rows. We take 7 petals of small size and collect on a needle with thread, fixing them together. The second row is made of 5 of the same petals. To decorate this flower, we will use two green leaves.

Now we will make the basis for a bouquet of dense fabric. Cut two circles with a diameter of 4 cm and a strip of this length.

On one circle, the regime is two notches, with an interval of 1 cm. We gum the hair elastic to this place on the front side of the circle. We fix the strip over the elastic, and thread the edges through the cuts, put it inside out and glue it. Then we fix the second circle on the first, placing the wrong side in the middle of the base.

All the details of the composition are ready. There are 3 flowers with leaves, the base with an elastic band.

It remains to collect the bouquet on the basis. The decoration is ready.

Good luck to all!