Kanzashi hairpin

Necessary materials:

- tape 5 cm wide in white - 1 m 20 cm;

- tape width 2.5 cm green - 1 m;

- white bead;

- The basis for automatic hairpins.


- scissors;

- tweezers;

- glue gun;

- cautery on wood.

We use a satin ribbon. You can use a different glue instead of a glue gun. For example, “Universal Moment”, “Moment Gel”, “Dragon” or other transparent glue. The advantage of the glue gun is that the glue hardens quickly.

We cut the white ribbon into segments of 5 cm. Fold the resulting square in half to make a triangle. We fold the triangle in half and again in half. We get the usual sharp kanzashi petal. Then we divide the doubled part and throw the corner of the tape to the opposite side. The edge is sealed with a burner. We make the second such petal, only we don’t wash the edge. Carefully put the first petal into the second and seal the edge of two petals at once. We center the middle of the fingers inward so that there is no crease. On the back of the petal, two edges turned out, each clamped with tweezers and soldered. The result is a double round petal. We need 9 of these.

From a white ribbon we make a sharp petal, solder the tip. We cut off the lower part of the petal, clamp it with tweezers and solder it. We twist and get an inverted sharp kanzashi petal. We make 4 things.

Cut 10 cm from the green ribbon. Fold it in half, with the back side out. We press the tape with a metal ruler, as in the photo and cut it with a burner. We get a petal. We make a total of 10 pieces, of which 8 need to be turned out with the front side out, and 2 should be left so.

From a white ribbon, cut a circle with a diameter of 2.5 cm. We drip a little glue and glue 6 double white petals. On the remaining three white petals, the middle of the semicircular side is clamped with tweezers and soldered. On a sharp edge, drop a drop of glue and glue the petal second row on the flower.

We glue the sharp inverted white petals 2 together, with a drop of glue at the base, and glue them into the inverted green petals. We get 2 buds.

From white cardboard we cut out a rectangle that is as long as the base of the hairpin and 2.5 cm wide. We round the edges with scissors. We paste the cardboard with a white ribbon.

Glue 2 green petals, departing from the middle by 1.5 cm. Then glue the buds a little closer to the middle. Glue the flower on top and glue 4 more green petals under the flower petals. Glue a bead in the middle of the flower. Glue the base of the hairpin to the glue.

We get a beautiful and original hairpin in the style of kanzashi. It can be an original gift or your decoration, which not one of your girlfriends will have.