Black Bush decoupage! We are preparing a gift for your beloved man

If you have found a bottle of good whiskey on your mezzanine, and the idea came to your mind to “decouple it, ” then this means:

1. Your man understands alcoholic beverages and treat their purchase as buying an expensive car.

2. You will never give him a traditional perfume bottle and shaving foam as a present. By the way, if you still like the variant with the bottle, then for this glass container a stylish decoupage napkin, glue and acrylic paint have already been prepared.

3. Your decoupage woman’s fantasy is at a level clearly above average.

The texture we are working on is an empty Black Buch Irich Whiskey bottle and packing box. By the way, as an option, you can buy his favorite alcoholic beverage in the store. In this case, you will not need to think how to fill the bottle.

You will need:

- acrylic primer

- autumn leaves of different colors and sizes

- decoupage napkins in the style of "animal"

- adhesive for decoupage

- acrylic paint (gold, bronze, burnt umber, yellow, emerald, titanium white)

- matt acrylic varnish

- one-component craquelure varnish

- sponge, brushes

To begin with, cover the bottle and box with the lid with acrylic primer. Please note that the bottle is not completely primed. We leave "windows" on the sides.

Place torn pieces of napkin on still dry soil. Stroke them with your fingers. You can immediately tint the edges with the same white primer or acrylic titanium white. For better fixation, use glue for decoupage.

Now let the napkins and soil dry and start decorating products with autumn leaves. Stick on the bottle pieces of colorful leaves. It is important that the leaves and the surface below them are carefully coated with glue. Unprimed windows are decorated with bright yellow and red leaves.

It is time to take a brush and paint. Arbitrarily, as your soul desires, apply strokes along the outline of the leaves and the edge of the napkins. Dilute the autumn color scheme with emerald paint. Any other unnatural color for this time of year, for example, azure, lilac, purple, will do. In combination with natural motifs, such colors will give the picture a contrast. In addition, any needlewoman always wants to bring her own twist to the traditional style.

In gold with a sponge, cover the neck and bottom of the bottle. Apply precious paint to some areas of the packaging box. Fill the cork with bronze. And later, do not forget to cover the product with acrylic varnish. One-component craquelure varnish will give a sparkle to the gift. Now think about how precious a drink you will fill this work of decoupage art. Undoubtedly, it will be something exclusive and necessary - his favorite.