Gold in crystal

The holiday is approaching, which everyone loves and is waiting for !!! It's the new Year!!! Each self-respecting hostess strives for her New Year to look elegant, festive, sparkling in an original way and preferably not like everyone else. I propose to close up a very simple, affordable and one-of-a-kind craft that will fit into any New Year's interior!

For this we need:

1. A plastic box, it is possible from any material and any form (mine is a cover from a can of coffee).

2. Decorative glass beads, but you can use jewelry of any shape and color.

3.Glue gun.

4. A piece of cardboard.

5. A can of gold paint.

6. Dry grass, any shape and height of your choice, the quantity is also determined by you (Mine is a wheat grass).

We prepare jewelry for the sticker.

We take the box and clean it with an emery cloth so that the balls stick to all 100%. We warm up the glue gun.

After warming up the gun, we start from the bottom up, glue the beads one after the other.

Why from bottom to top, because at the top you can increase the height without worrying at the same time that in the last row the balls may not fit in size. And since the balls stick to four sides, even if they go beyond the size of the box, they will be excellent, hold.

Having glued the box over, let it cool for a short time and stick the balls to each other.

Take a cardboard box and cut a square according to the size of the top of the box, and then in the middle we close up the round neckline for our bonsai.

We fix the cardboard on the glue and carefully insert the grass in the middle of the circle.

Then, with the remnants of the cardboard, we protect the surface of the balls from ink on them.

We take the golden paint and spray it on the cardboard.

After the cardboard dries, we steal the sheets from the bottom of the composition to protect it from accidental paint splashes.

Again, take a spray of golden paint and begin to spray on the grass.

Be sure to go through the grass in several spray layers, as the grass has the ability to absorb.

Dry and determine the composition in a suitable place.

What is this composition good for? Low material consumption and exclusivity. Now it’s very fashionable to add to the interior of the apartment some kind of touch or nuance that makes the home unique and that everyone notices! What could be better than the "bells and whistles" made by yourself, which means in a single copy. Moreover, the original, brilliant and shimmering little thing for the New Year's interior will suit one hundred percent! After the New Year, you can put it on a shelf next to the glasses and a gleam of gold will give a very beautiful effect! Good luck to you!