Matchbox chest of drawers

Such simple and affordable material as a matchbox can serve as a great idea for creating doll furniture. From them you can make a table with chairs for tea drinking, a sofa with chairs or even a chest of drawers for dolls in pink. So collect the necessary number of matchboxes and other improvised materials that may come in handy during the work, and proceed to production.

Necessary materials:

- three matchboxes;

- double-sided half-cardon of pink shades;

- small half beads;

- clerical glue;

- white acrylic;

- synthetic brush;

- Double-sided tape;

- a simple pencil;

- scissors;

- ruler.

Stages of making a small dresser from matchboxes:

1. In order to make a chest of drawers for dolls, we need 3 matchboxes. We attach pieces of double-sided tape to them and, removing the top layer, fasten the boxes together.

2. The basis for the future dresser is ready.

3. Now we will begin to decorate it, because outwardly it is not very attractive. Take a light pink shade of a double-sided half-card and cut out two rectangles with sides of 5 x 3.5 cm.

4. We attach double-sided tape to them.

5. Glue one piece to the top of the dresser, and the other to the bottom. Thus, we will also make the side parts of the chest of drawers, where segments of light pink half-card will have parameters 5 x 4 cm.

6. The time has come to decorate the drawers. To do this, take a brush and white acrylic.

7. Paint all the boxes so that the gray material of the matchboxes is not visible.

8. From light pink thick paper we cut out three 3 x 1 cm rectangles. We also need three 2 x 0.5 cm rectangles from a brighter shade of pink half-card.

9. Glue clerical glue light pink segments on the drawers of the chest of drawers.

10. Above them, glue bright pink rectangles.

11. In order for dolls to open and close drawers, handles must be made. To do this, take three white beads and glue them to each cell.

12. From the bright pink double-sided half-card, cut out two rectangles 4 x 3.5 cm and one with sides 4 x 2.5 cm.

13. Glue a 4 x 2.5 cm rectangle to the very top of the chest of drawers.

14. Two identical rectangles of bright pink color are glued to the sides.

15. Here is a nice chest of drawers from matchboxes for your cute dolls ready to eat. Surely they will like such furniture and will be used in your daughter’s games.