Wine Bottle Packaging

Many of us, going on a visit, are not averse to taking a bottle of wine with us. Of course, you can just pack it in a special wine package, but if you like to make original, beautiful and unusual gifts - this workshop is for you.

In just a couple of minutes you can turn an ordinary bottle of wine into a wonderful gift, packed in designer packaging.

Materials for the master class:

- a bottle of wine;

- double-sided wrapping paper;

- decorative beads;

- glue and scissors.

1. We take a bilateral decorative paper, commensurate with the size of a wine bottle, we cut out a triangle. The lower part of the triangle is slightly rounded.

2. The vertices of the triangle, with the help of scissors, we will make wavy.

3. One of the sides is folded “accordion”.

4. Fix the folds, for this we glue them together.

5. Fix the folds, let dry.

6. Glue the left side of the triangle on top to the “corrugated”.

7. The edges can be decorated with beads.

Such a gift will please the eye, and most importantly, it is made with love and from the bottom of our hearts.