Flower tree

To work, you will need:

• Beads - lilac, red, brown,

• The wire is thin and thick,

• Beads - pink,

• Mouline thread - green,

• Auxiliary materials - electrical tape, cup, alabaster.

The main crown of the tree is made of lilac and brown beads.

On a wire 30-50 cm long we string beads in this sequence - 3 lilac, 2 brown, 3 lilac. Twist by 1 cm.

We repeat such a loop on both sides of the wire, so that the loops are located one below the other. Twist the wire after each loop.

Thus, on one branch should be 11 leaves.

Such branches need to be prepared 50-60 pieces - the more there are, the lush the tree.

Twigs may not be the same length - the number of loops on them must vary from 5 to 11 pieces.

Let's make flowers from red beads and pink beads.

Also on a 40 cm wire. String 8 beads, twist.

String 8 beads again and twist by 0.5 cm

When we collect 6 loops on the wire, connect them together in a bundle.

We string a bead on one end of the wire, and draw the wire through the center of the bundle. Twist.

It is enough to make 10 such beams.

Next, you need to collect all the elements of the crafts into bundles. We take 4 branches with loops and 1 flower and twist together, forming a whip. Twigs must be taken in different lengths to create a more natural look.

The remaining branches are simply twisted in pairs together. There should be about 10-15 pieces.

For the base of the tree, you can use the finished material - a natural twig from any tree, or you can make it yourself. In the latter version there is a big plus - the frame can be bent, bent, twisted in different directions to give the necessary relief.

3 pieces of thick wire of 80 cm are folded in several rows, and twist together.

We wrap the frame with electrical tape (you can use masking tape).

Getting to the fun part - creating a tree. We take a twig with a flower and threads we attach to the top of the tree. We attach the second branch a little lower than the first.

After attaching 4 ligaments with flowers, we attach several paired twigs.

We do the same with the side branches, with the only difference being that there will be 3 pieces of bundles with flowers.

We get the finished tree.

We plant it in a prepared container - a jar, a pot. To do this, plant alabaster with water, pour into a container and lower the tree into it. It is better to put the composition against the wall and fix it on the sides with some objects, so that while the alabaster dries, the tree does not fall, but grasps exactly in the center.

We mask the white color of dried alabaster with acrylic paint of any color. Optionally, you can decorate the pot itself.

We straighten all the branches on the tree - the work is finished. Such beauty fits perfectly into any interior and can serve as the best gift for mom or grandmother.