Greeting card for dad.

The most beloved and dear person after mom is dad. For many, dad is not just a parent, but he is also the closest friend with whom you can share the most intimate, who will listen, give advice and support in difficult times. Other children, on the contrary, are somehow embarrassed and shy away from telling dad about their innermost fearing that he will scold and not support your point of view. But no matter how dad he was, he is dad, he deserves respect and honor. Children, even when they grow up, still come to visit their parents, prepare surprises and gifts for them. And what is the most pleasant thing for dad, so that the child is happy, healthy and sometimes doesn’t forget to call his father and say: “Dad, hello, I’m fine, and how are you? ", And believe for dad this is the most important thing. Well, special attention should be paid to his father on holidays significant for him, for example, on his birthday. This is the most important holiday in the life of any person. But what to give his father on his name day, how to surprise him with this? The best gift for any dad would be the presence of his child on his own birthdays. This is certainly all very touching and pleasant, but still you need to cook something unusual in order to surprise and please your dad. But any birthday is simply not a holiday without the congratulatory speeches that we write postcards. Even dad will be so pleased to read from you a couple of congratulatory lines that will warm his soul. A postcard, which will be made with your own hands, will be considered even more special and dear.

In order to be beautiful and original, you need to familiarize yourself with this master class and dream a little and everything will come to mind by itself. A scrapbooking technique is well suited for this creation. For this we need:

• Brown landscape sheet of pastel paper;

• Scrapbook paper in brown tones of several different shades;

• Pictures are round with a clock, a rectangular picture with a typewriter;

• Gear made of beer cardboard;

• Brown acrylic paint and brush;

• Watercolor paper for inscription;

• Chipboard wooden "Papule";

• Oval epoxy sticker;

• Metal blank for stickers;

• Suede brown cord;

• Cord of twine;

• Wooden buttons;

• Brown beads;

• Men's die cuts;

• Metal key;

• White lace;

• Brown-white checkered tape with a width of 20 mm;

• Openwork puncher;

• PVA glue, double-sided tape, pencil with a ruler, glue gun, scissors.

First of all, we cut out the base of the card in folded form, so that it turns out 15 * 15 cm.

Immediately cut out a watercolor square 14.5 * 14.5 cm, for inscription. Paint the gear with a brush with brown paint.

Now we will draw up a card.

Cut two squares from different paper 14.5 * 14.5 cm and one rectangle 6 * 11.5 cm. We make openwork strips from the remaining pastel paper with a puncher.

Glue scrapbook paper and watercolor paper to the back of the base.

We begin to decorate the front blank. We glue the rectangle and sew it together with the strips with a machine, then we glue the pictures and the circle, and individually we sew each part.

Sew lace and folded figured ribbon below the pictures.

Glue the front part also to the base. Sew on the front of the machine. Inside with PVA glue we glue a strip of openwork cardboard.

We glue the cabochon-epoxy sticker in metal fittings, tie the bows from twine and cord. Now we glue all the decoration elements according to the photo below.

We get such a strict, at another time, interesting male card for dad at another time. Thank you all!