Very simple homemade DVB-T2 antenna with amplifier

In the absence of a DVB-T2 broadcast signal of sufficient strength, it becomes necessary to use an antenna with an amplifier. Such equipment is easy to assemble with your own hands from purchased parts, the acquisition costs of which will be about $ 1. The universal amplifier SWA-99999 used in this design was used for analog television broadcasting, so it is quite possible to remove it from the old antenna.


  • 3 mm copper wire - 112 cm.

  • antenna amplifier type SWA-99999 or another;

  • coaxial TV cable;

  • piece of knitting wire or nylon tie;

  • a pair of screws, clamps and washers.

Antenna assembly

From a solid piece of copper wire 112 cm long, 2 connected squares with sides of 14 cm are bent. As a result, the antenna frame should be obtained as in the photo. The ends of the wire must be soldered. The distance between the combined corners of the squares is equal to the gap between the mounting holes on the amplifiers.

The coaxial cable is clamped in the amplifier board. Please note that the cable sheath does not touch the center core and its clamping screw.

The amplifier with clamps, screws and nuts is installed on the wire frame of the antenna. For reliability, the cable is screwed to the frame with knitting wire. If the antenna will be placed on the street, then you need to take care of sealing the board. It can be wrapped in a bag and insulated with tape or hidden in a suitable box, as is done on conventional trellised antennas for analog TV.

A plug is installed on the other end of the cable and the antenna is connected to the DVB-T2 set-top box connected to the TV. It allows you to supply power to the amplifier. To do this, select the “antenna power” item in the set-top box settings menu.

If the TV supports DVB-T2 and the set-top box is not used, then the amplifier needs to be additionally powered. To do this, a special power supply unit with a plug-separator is bought or removed from the old analog antenna. The cable to this plug is connected in the same way as before the amplifier. After that, the unit is plugged into an outlet.

In fact, such an antenna is capable of picking up a signal of sufficient strength even when indoors. It does not need to be taken outside, with some exceptions, when there is a strong remoteness from TV towers or the presence of high shielding radio waves from buildings. This is a fully working device, for the assembly of which you do not need to have special skills and knowledge.

Of course, on Ali Express you can buy a ready-made antenna for a couple of bucks (//, but this is for those who do not want to bother.

And if you still want to assemble a good antenna that is not inferior to your purchased analogs and is absolutely free, then read this article - // .html And pay attention to dozens of enthusiastic comments about her work.